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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

I was on the paper and so was Emmy!

I'm in the paper (Utusan Malaysia) on Monday, 27th November 2006. It was my article which I wrote about the Malaysian space program:

And to my surprised Emmy too was on the paper yesterday (Berita Harian - Tuesday, 28th November 2006). I think it was her fifth appearance on the national newspaper. The last one (New Straits Times) was on the Hari Bersama Pelanggan KPDN&HEP at Kuantan. Previous than that (Harian Metro) was on the Hari Pengguna Malaysia at Bukit Jalil. Well I can't blame her. She was like a magnet for fame. Most gorgeous living thing on earth currently. But she actually despised being photographed. No wonder all of her picture published in the paper was taken either on behalf of the Ministry or taken candidly.

I`ve been getting phone calls asking me why Emmy's article was a little bit hazy and viewers having difficulty in discerning her photo. So I uploaded her photo (down) which I copied from Berita Harian Online on the same article which a little bit more clear. Thanks for viewing!

Well... It is still a long way to go...

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