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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

New Economic Policy (NEP) Revisited

I`m writing this article solely to express my worrisome and uneasy feeling over the area under discussion – prolong of the New Economic Policy (NEP). NEP was designed to give a fair share (30% of the economic cake) to the Malay Bumiputera’s not 35%, not 70%, not 100% and surely no less. When the NEP was launched, Malay’s equity share is about 2.4% and currently reaching it’s 18.9% (not including GLC’s). But when one of the UMNO Youth member`s suggest to increase it to 70%, the non-Bumi’s in this country start to feel perturbed and betrayed. This is because when the former premier (Tun Abdul Razak) promised a 30% economic cake for the Bumiputera’s plus Malay’s will continue holding the highest office in this nations, it will all be considered fair (not equal) among the three main races. The words fair itself depict how Tun Abdul Razak unravel the predicament of an unequal economic equity among the multitudes race within the teenage nation of Malaysia during the inception of NEP.

I`m worried when the Chinese community especially Chinese business chambers feel betrayed by the very same government who promised (just 30% of economic cake equity for both Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera’s) this 35 years ago. This will itself create a further emotion of self unbelonging among non-Bumi’s in this nation due to the NEP is getting to be a “Never Ending Policy” instead of a fair share allocation promised years back. What should be stressed on is that, nowdays the Malay’s should begin to grab the new opportunity overboard. 30% of the economic cake in China, India and Vietnam is much-much more than 100% economic cake in this nation. UMNO Youth members also failed to stress on the National Development Policy (NDP) which is proved to be a success in developing a high quality Bumiputera businessman based on merit and a good track record rather than a spoon feed Malay during the NEP period.

The purpose of NEP is to create a much more bigger economic cake for the three main races and not to extricate it from our Chinese friend and give it to the Malay’s in the name of equal share. Human’s have to be treated accordingly and not equally. I believe that the purpose and the three main pillars of NEP is still relevent nowdays but UMNO Youth should try to potray it into Dasar Wawasan Negara carrying the main foundation of the NEP and not boosting to regress back to the 1971.

I`m writing this article personally because my community where I lived consist of Chinese and Indian friend. My best friend is an Indian named Neil. We live in a harmony and peaceful way just like the Malaysian formula appllied years back. I’m worried that our way of life will be destroyed by the mild and childish suggestion of the UMNO Youth members that just trying only to get personal political mileage to be in power.

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