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Monday, 25 December 2006

In Memory - Azhar UPM

As I was scuttling my handphone I realize that one of my close friend phone number still in it though the owner had gone months ago. He was a very talented young man and a close buddy to one who knew him. My last time with him was at KLCC when I treat him KFC and I do ask him out to spent his time with me sometimes. But he was so tired and busy with his work at RTM. As I was writing this post, tears running through my cheek and I realized how much I miss this man. I miss you Azhar, and you have been a very good friend indeed. Rest your soul and may God take care of you over there!

p/s: Azhar died due to food poisoning. Photo courtesy of Rakis (Cosmo reporter - also a close friend of me while we`re at UPM)

Miss The Good Old UPM

I miss the good old year while I was studying at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). One of my close friend (Che Salwi) yesterday sms me and mentioned about him being selected as a J-Qaf teacher in the state of Kelantan. Congratulation to Salwi. I wish the same success to all of my good friend; John, Isang, Adie, Azrin, Megat and others.

There are sweet and sour moment that really made up the man in me. I still remember my good friend used to "shout" (treat) me "nasi lemak" whenever I was out of ringgit. Nasi lemak is the delicacies for us university student due to its cheap cost. Isang and Megat would entertain us at their room (photo above shown) for a coffee and mid-day break.

Tennis & poem...

Betapa kasih menghulur harapan,
Berderai jua di pertengahan,
Sebutir embun ku sangka permata,
Hilang ke mana?

Tiada ku duga hanya sementara,
Kebahagiaan yang dikecapi,
Datang rintangan meragut segala,
Hampanya hati…

Tiada mungkin kan terjadi,
Andainya kau dapat bersabar,
Dan mengerti…

Tapi sayang…
Kau terlalu turutkan hati,
Tanpa memberi kesempatan,
Aku menjelaskan…

Apa gunanya mengharap lagi,
Sedangkan dikau terus membenci,
Segala harapan menjadi debu,
Dalam hatiku…

Yesterday (25th December 2006) was splendid. I played tennis with this fourteen year old boy who lived at Serdang and currently schooling at (Sek. Men. Ugama) Maahad Kajang. He (Haziq) was a very good tennis player. There is one or two thing that I learned from this young man. Age is not everything. It's just a number. What you do that really defines the man in you.

p/s: Peom above – OST – Ali Setan - 1986

Saturday, 23 December 2006

School used to be good (part 2) – from third world to second and a half

By: Ahmad Syah Ejaz Hj Ismail

We were very much eager of moving out from Kajang to Kuala Lumpur. My good friends from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Wangi (SKSW) even send me off goodbye at the gate of the school which I can to a great extent picture the situation in my head now. I had a good time at SKSW as a prefect and the darling student of the teacher specially English and Bahasa Melayu.

The picture which I put on the article School Used to Be Good –part 1, it was Cikgu Norma and Puan Jamilah which I’m very much closed of during my school year at SKSW. Cikgu Norma taught me Bahasa Melayu and Puan Jamilah taught me Pendidikan Islam which both I got A in my UPSR. I owe much to both of them.

After we moved out from Gua Musang, I enrolled in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kajang (SKK) - photo as above- for the rest of the standard six year. It was the last two months to finish up my standard six year before I entered secondary school. SKK was very much different from SKSW where I came from. Different environment, different people and certainly different Bahasa Melayu language (dialect) they spoke here especially with mix races.

I was put into the best class at standard six in SKK. The teachers were wonderful (they were move merited compared to SKSW) and it is understandable because they were more in open society especially with the outside world. Our first house when we first moved to Kajang, was located at Taman Restu. My father at that time was working as Penolong Pegawai Penguatkuasa N27 at KPDNHEP, Putra Place. My mother was with her new job as the Health Educational Officer at Pejabat Kesihatan Kajang. It was due to my mother new job which she got as above mention, why we moved out of Gua Musang.

My mother used to work as a clerk for Lembaga Kemajuan Kelantan Selatan (KESEDAR) before we moved to Kajang. Even though she had a degree background, but due to economic recession in 1987 (the year she graduated from USM) it was very hard for her to get a job substantiate on her degree background. She worked as a Clerk instead for KESEDAR.

My mother new office during that time (1995) was located beside the Sg. Jeluh river behind the current Plaza Metro Kajang. It was miserable office for a government staff managing the health of the Kajang residents. I went to school by bus daily. I still remember it was bas SUBU (that what was written at the front of the bus windshield). It was totally a different environment to me and I was feeling like I’m in some sort of a Malay drama because at Gua Musang, we never ride in a school bus (though we only saw school bus either in Malay drama in RTM (TV1, TV2) or TV3 during TV commercial time.

The school bus services cost my mother about RM 25 each and there was me and my younger sister, Fatimah who was also schooling at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kajang in the year of 1995. A point of fact, SKK at first was reluctant to accept us because they consider themselves as the first class and number one primary school in Kajang, and we were that time came from a place called Gua Musang. Which is understandable a place popular as the bastion of the Communist terrorist and made known by the movie full of ghost and vampires (the movie called Pontianak Gua Musang).

I do understand why they felt such place is totally alien to them. They look down upon people like me origin from where I came from. And at that time my educated mind start to think maturely; when why is school want to segregated student when school is the number one place where if we want to inculcate excellence and no discrimination, arpatheid and all that jazz? Then I start to think back I’m not in the first world yet, perhaps second and a half is much more correct.

We usually woke up much more early compare when we lived in Gua Musang. You have to catch the bus to school or else they will leave you behind. We woke up at 5.30 in the morning and waited for the big bus in front of our house to come and pick us up at 6.15 am. There were two trips, either you catch one of them or you go to school by the green bus (Fong Hup Omnibus) and will cost you about 50 cents to Kajang. SUBU picked up student from all over Kajang (Taman Restu, Sri Jelok, Asa Jaya and Taman Zamrud). Students in the bus usually called me “budak baru”. “Hey! Budak baru, you supposed to change bus when we reach certain point”. I still remember that line in the gloomy morning when I forgot to change bus when I supposed to.

During my time there at SKK, there were several primary school in Kajang. They were SKK itself, Sek. Keb. Semenyih, Sek Keb Sg Kantan, Sek. Keb. Jalan Bukit and Sek Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Yu Hua. Among them all the most discipline one is the SRJK(C) Yu Hua. Their school amenities was wonderful. They even got the big hall for morning roll call and basketball court. Same goes when I was at Gua Musang, with the SMJK(C) Chung Hwa. Their school facilities including the pick up point for the school bus provided for the student was so organized and smart.

I usually arrived at SKK at 7.15 am in the morning almost at the exact time the gate closed. Over here (at SKK) we have Computer labs although at that time student have to share 1 computer per 2 students. Better than never though I never knew what computer is when I was at SKSW.

Headmaster of the school put me into the best class in SKK though it doesn’t matter because I took my UPSR test at SKWS before I went to SKK. Only the result haven’t came out yet. My class was 6 Jujur or 6J, located at the tallest block in SKK and at the right edge of the building (as photo taken above). I have difficulty in interacting with the students because I never spoke proper Malay before except in story telling contest and debate contest representing SKSW. People would laugh at me when I speak proper Bahasa Malaysia with Kelantanese dialect.

But as the time pass through I get along and managed to blend in well. The student would call me by the name “awang kelate”. But even though they would laugh at me due to my difference sound of language, I managed to find good friends among them which lasted forever. Among them was Thariq (he was a little big girly and he too just transfered from other Perak to Kajang). We sit side by side in 6 Jujur. Other was Midhat Khazen, Faizal Jamadon, Azfaruddin, John Lee, Rajvinder Singh and others which I can’t remember the name.

We didn’t play the game of war of course, but we do share quite a few hobby and interest including power rangers. I would play soccer with my classmate and I do play good games during my time at SKK consider the place where I came from Gua Musang. We played soccer 24/7 at Taman Wangi, Gua Musang because we don’t have any choices. But as the time pass through, I begin to lost touch in soccer due to my future environment which I will tell you later.

The best part of my SKK memoirs was when there was a Chinese girl had a crush on me. Her named I think was Catherine Xiong and she was very tall. She took a photo of me while we were studying at SKK. When she sent me the photo (via greeting card) she wrote her phone number and her name at the back of it. I still kept the photo till today (as photo above) though I never heard of her ever since except rumors and stories once about how she was doing now. She was a very nice girl and loving too. She called me sometimes at home because I do give her my home phone number. Handphone that time was at the inception of a creation. But I was so naïve and immature. I never return any calls or any cards. Love was so very much alien to me. Kind to think of it, I wish her a long life happiness and thanks for the scant experience which she gave me. It did last a life time.

My first encounter with English language was when I made friends with Aaron Tan. He lived at Taman Sri Jelok. We took the same bus to school. Whenever we were together we always used English to interact with each other. Aaron Tan is a Portuguese boy with a Chinese bloodline. I never heard of him after I left SKK, but once I heard that he had turned into a rough boy when I was at form 5 at KHS. But I never saw him since.

Life at SKK was surely different. We would made home very late at night. And then reach the good news from SKSW that I got 4A’s in my UPSR. All of my classmate in 6 Jujur at Kajang (I think 30 student’s) of them got 4A’s except 1 boys and 1 girl. One of the unfortunate was Azfaruddin. He cried all day long. Come to think of it, it was very different from where I came from. At SKSW, for the whole school only 4 student’s got 4A’s. One of them was me. For the whole Gua Musang only 5 student got 4A’s. Having four of them at SKSW made you the best school in Gua Musang. Compared to SKK where one whole class got 4A’s and the second class about twenty students got 4A’s doesn’t really ensure you the best school in the district of Hulu Langat. 3A’s in Gua Musang was very much appreciated and be celebrated with a sacrifice of a cow but at Kajang, 3A’s being received with tears and disgraced.

I thought with my excellent result in UPSR I do manage to get myself into MRSM or one of the nation boarding school. Considering where I took my UPSR (at SKSW, Gua Musang), I thought MARA would make a place for me. But I learned the hard way that I was not offered any place either at government boarding school or at any MRSM even though I do took the MARA test for MRSM.

And so I enrolled in Kajang High School (KHS) -photo above-. I was very much disappointed with that. I waited for months to be offered a place into one of the public boarding school, but the letter never came. I ask for Yayasan Selangor, but Yayasan Selangor is a place for “Selangorian” only and it had to be both of your parents and you, yourself are born in Selangor. And so there was me at KHS being put into the class of 1C (again ring me of my memoir when I was at standard 1 at SKGM also the class name was 1C).

At KHS (as photo above), I still remember there was a very good discipline teacher named Cikgu Lee. He was a very good teacher but of course being a good discipline teacher, with the reputation as a lion in a school such as KHS, the student would definitely hate you. There are even times when the students tried to flat his motorcycle tire. At KHS I do continue making good friends with Rajvinder Singh, Faizal Jamadon, Midhat Khazen, Ayie, and Bangla (we call him by that name because he looks like a Bangladeshi with sharp nose, curly hair, wide eyes, smart combed hair and a bit blackened skin. I never know his real name).

When I was at form 1, our school period was in the afternoon. Every Friday, me myself, Ayie, and Bangla would find ourselves together walking to Masjid Jame Kajang for Friday prayers (as photo above). We’ve very close at the beginning of the school year and to a surprise I begin to enjoy myself schooling at KHS with mix races although at the first place I seems to dislike it.

And then reach the news that I was offered a place at MRSM Muadzam Shah, Pahang. The offer came quite late after my uncle named Mokhtar persuade Dato’ Mustapha Mohamad (at that time he was the Minister in-charge of MARA) to put me into one of the MRSM. It is understandable because Dato’ Pa (the name we called the man) was relying on my uncle influence for a vote because he was a major in the army stationed at Kem Desa Pahlawan.

My offer form was straight addressed to the Minister instead to my house. It stated that I was put into the second intake student for MRSM Muadzam Shah. I face such a predicament because I was really enjoying myself at KHS. But the truth is that I had to left my close and good friends at KHS for a better educational opportunity at MRSM. My parents was very proud of course and me myself was very anxious and eager to explore new things at MRSM Muadzam Shah (never heard such name before in my life). On my first day of being a MARESMA student then I begin to realize how the proverbs of “indah nama dari rupa” was really true.

To be continue…

Friday, 22 December 2006

Hurray to Humanity!

Hurray to humanity! I just read an article by Lev Grossman on Time’s Person of the Year. Guess who is the person of the year 2006? It’s you and me the commoners! No more dazzling super star from Hollywood or an Oligarchs, or the usual double-standard politician. This year person of the year is just Ahmad, Jim, Poon or Gopal. It’s the real ordinary person whom courageous enough writing and shaping the world landscape through facts and decent principle way of life.

“It’s about the many wrestling power from the few and helping one another for nothing and how that will not only change the world, but also change the way the world changes”.

Looking into a geopolitical context, Time’s latest issue is certainly a testament of how corrupt government getting too disempowered and too frustrated to stop people such as bloggers who holds steadfast to human decent principle of sharing and publishing (article or ones thought) rather than spinning one for the sake of certain individual desire of coveting the premier post. I urge bloggers “best friend” brother Joe to stop mumbling on retracting public’s freedom of thoughts, but to start on globalizing the local.

p/s: I’ll wait for you at the airport Mr. Prime Minister! You can count on that as you count on Chavez!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Mr. 20 percent

There he goes again (picture above, source: Bernama). He spoke like a big shot, perhaps representing the Government of Malaysia. Which Malaysia is he talking about when he is no-body? Not even as a cabinet Minister. But here he is, talking like he is the supreme leader of this sacred land.Ohw! I forgot. He was from Oxford! That means he is truly brilliant and he does deserve to speak explaining about government policies despite a couple of facts (given) that he is 1) Not a government elected leaders or any cabinet members, 2) Never interfere in any government implemented policies, 3) Just being happen to be married to Premier daughter, and etc (the list never stops).

I just talked with my good friend Haizal through the phone. Haizal currently in the construction business. He was explaining how bad it is in the construction industry now-days with the Oxford prince in the fray. How can it be so bad? Only those in the industry knew it. Perhaps we can ask Mister 20 percent!

p/s: It all remind me of the evergreen movie by the P. Ramlee (Tiga Abdul), when Sadiq Seggara was saying to Kassim Patalon, “dua puluh persennnnnnnnn!” Hmmm.... Perhaps P. Ramlee know something that we don't?

A Classical Anecdote

Guess what? Dr. Hannibal Lecter is back! There will be a new motion picture about an early life of the young Dr. Lecter and the explanation of a metamorphosis from an innocent boy to a resourceful serial killer. The title will be Hannibal Rising and set to be released in 2007. But this article ain't about Dr. Lecter solely, it's about the effect of the movie towards me.

Twice Dr. Lecter proved to be an inspiration for my presentation. Once while I was studying at UPM, which happen I've been assigned to give a presentation on psychological perpective of a human being. After watching Dr. Lecter in the sequel (Hannibal - 2001), I decided to go for criminal mind. It (the presentation) did went very well with an applaud.

The second encounter with Dr. Lecter post-effect is when I was asked to do a presentation for MCS course work at INTAN, Jalan Elmu. I again choose on the field that Dr. Lecter would like most (mythology) which is "The Judgement of Paris" and "Original Sin". It goes very well too. That's the reason why I continue anticipating for the pre-quel of the young Hannibal Lecter. Who knows where it will lead my intellectual mind to. Cheerio!

Monday, 18 December 2006

Corruption Index Plunge... Perhaps Free Fall

Everything's so blurry,
and everyone's so fake,
and everbody's empty,
and everything is so messed up...

Yesterday (18/12/2006) there was an explanation by the Malaysian most well-mannered and most courteous minister at the Parliament on the falling of the Malaysian corruption index. Well guess what, we don't have to be worried or anything, it's all due to the current administration policy of opennes. According to the man, "now days we don't sweep the issues under the carpet anymore".

Well maybe the sweeper ought to be the best of the best, MITI Minister or the brilliant man from Oxford. That's certainly will reach the earth core. Majulah Malaysia! (No more Malaysia Boleh slogan, its out-of-date).

p/s: Reminds me of the song Blurry by Puddle of Mud (when I was studying at UPM), boy! that was a song. Cheerio!

Conventional Wisdom - In Retrospect

Article by : Ahmad Syah Ejaz

What is Conventional Wisdom? Conventional wisdom is a thinking sphere where you allowed your mind to think for the sake of protecting your interest. More precise Conventional Wisdom is an understanding of a path or line that was created before we even began to understand the way of life. In a layman terms it is what we followed and apply daily instead of baffling which is right and wrong. As what John Kenneth Galbraith wrote:

“Neither man’s curiosity nor his inherent ego allows him to remain contentedly oblivious to anything that is so close to his life. With increasing well-being, all people become aware, sooner or later, that they have something to protect”

And based on that excerpt from the man who introduced Conventional Wisdom itself, I wrote this article on how much imperative for us to think that Conventional Wisdom had to be reviewed from time to time. That was supported by the quotation of Thomas Jefferson which was frequently mislead or deceived by the intellectuals. According to Jefferson:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure”

According to the above line of “from time to time” and “natural manure”, Jefferson does understand his own words that there is no any Conventional Wisdom which is at a fixed status. It needs its own appraisal which as a writer I presume it is its natural manure. And when do we need to review our Conventional Wisdom? It was when our interest is at stake. No doubt Conventional Wisdom is an evolution which life itself finds its own existence.

Conventional Wisdom doesn’t come easy. It was as a matter of trial and error and come at a high price. Once Conventional Wisdom is identified, we must protect and continue guarding it. That is why it usually known as protecting the rights of the majority. According to Galbraith;
“When a vested interest is enjoyed not by a minority but a majority, it is human right”. And with all due respect that I may add up, it is also a ticket to human existence.

But man’s faith and confidence also sometimes reach a point of re-appraisal. It was when his interest is at risk. Look at on our own national perspective, I would like to recollect back our memory prior to our nation independence. We all know that Tunku Abdul Rahman as the head of the alliance party who won the first municipal election in 1955. But what we all don’t know is the story of our path to independence. After winning the Municipal Election, Tunku as the head of the major party, was appointed as the first Chief Minister of Malaya. His capacity as a Chief Minister is only in protecting the interest of the Malays and the Chinese (Alliance in 1955 was comprise only the Malays-UMNO and the Chinese-MCA party).

Independence was hardly come to Tunku’s mind. Tunku was a prince and he understood that it was impossible to run the nation without British expatriate and the Malay Civil Service (allegiance to the Queen and the British Colonial Government). But that all happened to change on a one night heartbreak.

As a Chief Minister, Tunku was granted an official government house known as the residency. It was occupied before by the British High Commissioner that was located on the top of a hill (currently Jalan Dato’ Onn and known as Bukit Tunku).

The condition of the house was dilapidated and wretched. It happens on one night when Tunku and his wife Sharifah Rodziah was sleeping, the rain came down heavily. The shabby beaten up house cause the rain water to coming in through the wretched roof. Tunku had to moved his bed a couple of times and didn’t able to sleep that night. Then with the grace of God, he ponders that how the British Colonial Government treat him even though he is the Chief Minister and represent the native Malays, they (British Government) treat him as such (by giving him a dilapidated official house). If so such a treat to the Chief Minister, then what kind of indulgence will the Colonial Government treat the commoners and the no-one residents? That is when and why Independence had to come.

With the determination of the Conventional Wisdom, then scholars can discuss the inner subject and the core nexus of the wisdom. But Conventional Wisdom does have its own flaw. In so called protecting the sacred path and inherited Conventional Wisdom, we do reach a point of complacency and unwilling to review it. With this problem arise, certain people inspire by the status of being popular would be unwilling to experiment a whole new novel of Conventional Wisdom even though it is needed. When one does really realize the true nature of Conventional Wisdom, is when one can verify the difference of what is right and what is acceptable. Doing what is right is the true liberty of refreshing freedom as what Jefferson wrote in his letter to William Stevens Smith hundred years ago.

In perpetuating Conventional Wisdom, there should be zero tolerance for meritocracy. Conventional Wisdom should be based on intellectual facts and analysis and not political decision. Conventional Wisdom itself is a truth and not something based for political purpose. Just as truth ultimately serves to create a consensus, so in the short run acceptability. Professional and scholars should encourage others and themselves to not only write about Conventional Wisdom, but as well speak.

This is so that Conventional Wisdom will trigger a sense of urgency in creating a Utopian Community. Utopian community is not impossible as long as people understand Conventional Wisdom. When people write as well as speak, the push factor in pouring the minds of our countrymen with intellectuals and torrent intelligent forward-looking thinking is un-stoppable thus creating a Utopian Community from time to time.

People need to start on learning on how to notice the
“grey area”. With the ability of as such, then Conventional Wisdom will be known as a push factor in a Utopian Community. Adam Smith for an example noticed some facts about England in his book the Wealth of Nations:

“England certainly in present times a much richer country than any part of North America, but the wages of labor, however are much higher in North America than any part of England.”

With the capability of intellectual monitoring, Conventional Wisdom can be immortalized with a little bit of restoration from time to time. Conventional Wisdom can be made notice about the defects and latent danger of un-check Capitalism when it breeds corruption and led to anarchy. Conventional Wisdom can be used to create a balance of economic equity before came economic power. Malaysian experience of such importance can be seen during the 13th May 1969, when liberties and immunities of individuals and organization is very much high unequal in the distribution of economic power.

In creating a Conventional Wisdom, erudite and high oral capacity is not the only traits needed. One must also be a theorist and a practical man. To create a new set of conventional wisdom, one must also be the vanguard and the forth right approach of the man who know how to get things done.


1. The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith, Mariner Books, 1998

Sunday, 17 December 2006

The Right Article

These days, the NST line of newspapers keeps on mollycoddle the nations with the news of immense-ing the favorite Premier in-law. Last Saturday in the paper it described on how the de-facto PM look's good in Levi's 501. Today in the paper, he is known as the Deputy of Youth for Barisan Nasional (though no such post ever exist) being given a reverence to solemnize the PPP party assembly though his contribution towards the development of this nation is dubious.

I'm not feeling envious towards the brilliant Oxford man far off feeling jealous of the rumors him with Maya Karin , but what I'm really trying to say is that the paper should aware of how sicken now the masses of the Rasputin from Oxford. The truth is that, we the commoners can see the ape in the man. Cheerio!

Insanity of Khairynomics

I took the liberty of taking some snapshots just to share with my viewers and discuss on the stupidity of Khairynomics. Studying in Oxford or Cambridge University doesn’t ensure you virtuosity of long term planning specially in urban scheme. It is understandable why in the first place such a project as Putrajaya monorail was proposed. It is to ease the problem of public transportation in the area which definitely will be pack by government servant by the end of 2020.

This photo is an insignia of insanity paragon by the Khairynomics. Never in the history of nation development, urban planning had been insult by such a decision to scrap the Putrajaya Monorail that is a halfway done. Congratulations Oxford-Cambridge for being a nuisance to the “rakyat”.

Enough is enough... no more!

Friday, 15 December 2006

How Much We Miss The Good Doctor?

How much we miss the good Doctor? Ohw... very much. You can bet with your life that I'm not speaking just for myself, but for the whole nation now. If only... and if only! Cheerio!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Nonsense of Khairynomics

Great leaders must understand economics. That’s what discerning between despotic feigning leader and true sincere leader. Tun Dr. Mahathir and Roosevelt both understand Keynesian theory so much, they did managed to save their respective nation from recession (1997) and depression (1930's). Thaksin understand Mahathir and he managed to generate small enterprise with small loans for his people in Thailand. Only Thai’s couldn’t understand him.

Kennedy understand space so much and he once put the first human being on the moon just eight years after launcing American first space program. Lee Kuan Yew understand being small that he managed to change his nation to a huge super power with his big ambition despite lack in everything. Only then his new closest friend just across the causeway understand golf so much and he managed to let his in-law destroying the most developed Malay nation with new economic terms called Khairynomics (Rob everything and leave nothing). Thanks for the new year gift. I will give mine next!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Meet My Harry!

This is my first car. It was Malaysian PROTON the type of Perdana V6. I love this car so much. It's not so fancy but it'll do the trick. I gave names to my car. This one is Harry (My Iswara was Tom). Owning a car is so much different when you are not owning anything. Responsibility and thriftiness then came. Cost of living quite high today. Maybe I can borrow my best friend RM 9.2 million to buy PROTON stakes since I had quite a lot of good friends.

Today the toll rate will increase to xx% (Deputy Prime Minister strict oder not to mention). The future does seems bleak currently for Malaysian like me. So much consumption and no return make us looks like a communist state waiting to crumble. What happens to the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh"? Have it turned to be "Malaysian Bodoh" just like Micheal Blackman reported? What about Vision 2020. Is there still is a Vision 2020? What's left is only a question that will never be answered.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Me and my boss

This photo was taken during our Ministry last Hari Raya Celebration. Rizal (colleague) just brought it to me. The person who was standing next to me is my former boss. My boss is not only just a professional colleague but also like a friend to me who I do consult during difficult moment when I had to make hard decision on personal or professional matters. Met my boss aka my friend. Cheerio!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

John Came For a Visit

John (Che Azhar bin Abdullah) came for a visit here at my office today. We took a photo together and here it is. There are stories which I'm keen on telling about John and I shall write 'em perhaps afterwards. Meet my good friend John which I knew during my studies at University Putra Malaysia. Cheerio!

Thursday, 7 December 2006


Apabila membacakan mengenai segala berita yang disiarkan mengenai kerugian PROTON di dada akhbar sejak akhir-akhir ini, hati penulis berdetik kecewa dengan nasib PROTON yang menjadi semakin malang hari demi hari. Menjadi kemestian bagi kita untuk melihat semula kedudukan kita pada masa lepas dan kedudukan kita sekarang. Ini amat signifikan bagi menyedarkan kita kerana sejak kita merdeka pada tahun 1957, kita telah berjaya membangunkan negara kita mengikut acuan kita sendiri dan tidak bulat-bulat meniru cara gaya pembangunan negara-negara dari barat. Sikap dan cara kita pada masa yang lalu samada betul atau tidak akan memimpin kita membuat keputusan yang terbaik untuk agama, bangsa dan negara pada masa hadapan.

Pada ketika negara kita mencapai kemerdekaan pada tahun 1957, kita mewarisi pentadbiran dari bangsa Inggeris yang hanya mementingkan keuntungan wang ringgit untuk disalurkan kepada negara mereka yang mengalami masalah hutang dan kewangan yang teruk kesan dari peperangan dunia kedua. Kesetiaan dan tanggungjawab bangsa asing ini adalah untuk Ratu dan tanah air mereka. Ini dapat dibuktikan dengan pengesyoran penubuhan Malayan Union di mana kuasa raja-raja Melayu hanya dikurangkan kepada soal agama dan adat sahaja. Raja-raja Melayu perlu tunduk kepada kuasa mutlak ratu Inggeris. Alhamdulilah, dengan kebijaksanaan Dato’ Onn Jaafar, kita berjaya menentang maksud jelas bangsa asing untuk menjadikan kita subjek kepada sebuah pulau yang letaknya beribu batu jauhnya dari Malaysia.

Populasi penduduk selepas negara merdeka hanyalah seramai lima (5) juta penduduk dan pendapatan perkapita hanyalah USD300. Pada hari ini populasi penduduk Malaysia meningkat hampir 7 kali ganda iaitu berjumlah 24 juta orang dan pendapatan perkapita meningkat hampir sepuluh kali ganda kepada USD 4000. Berbanding dengan negara-negara jiran yang lebih dahulu mencapai kemerdekaan dan lebih dahulu maju dari negara kita, kita berjaya mengatasi mereka di dalam aspek pembangunan dan merupakan antara negara pertama di rantau ini untuk mempunyai industri milik kebangsaan.

Kejayaan ini seterusnya membolehkan kerajaan yang dipilih rakyat untuk merangka projek pembangunan seterusnya yang bersifat berdaya saing dan bergerak ke hadapan. Pada ketika kita mencapai kemerdekaan, Malaysia hanyalah sebuah negara yang berasaskan sumber pertanian dan sumber bahan mentah yang hanya bergantung sepenuhnya kepada dua sumber bahan mentah utama iaitu getah dan biji timah. Apabila jumlah penduduk negara bertambah, sumber bahan mentah ini sudah tidak mampu untuk menampung projek pembangunan negara dan tidak mampu mencipta peluang pekerjaan kepada rakyat negara kita. Sumber kewangan diperlukan bagi memastikan rakyat negara mempunyai kuasa beli yang stabil bagi meneruskan kehidupan harian mereka.

Salah satu cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini adalah dengan mencadangkan pelan perindustrian pada tahun 1980-an dimana merubah negara yang dahulunya bergantung kepada sumber pertanian kepada sebuah negara industri yang berdaya saing tinggi. Tetapi sebagai sebuah negara yang masih muda dan baru 26 tahun mencapai kemerdekaan, kita mempunyai kekurangan dari segi tenaga pakar dan pengalaman untuk menjadi negara maju. Bagi menyelesaikan masalah ini, kerajaan berusaha gigih menarik pelaburan langsung asing (Foreign Direct Investment) dari negara luar bagi melabur ke dalam negara. Pelaburan ini secara tidak langsung akan mendidik dan memberi pengalaman kepada negara untuk menjadi sebuah negara industri yang moden. Proses pemindahan teknologi juga dapat dilakukan dengan lancar dan kita berterima kasih kepada negara Jepun yang begitu banyak membantu negara menuju kepada sebuah negara industri. Berbagai kaedah dilakukan bagi mencipta ruang yang kompetitif kepada syarikat multinasional untuk melabur di dalam negara. Insentif pengecualian cukai dan persekitaran moden dan bersifat membina serta kos upah tenaga buruh yang murah disediakan kepada syarikat multinasional bagi menggalakkan pelaburan ini dilakukan di dalam negara.

Walau bagaimanapun, senario yang disebutkan di atas berlaku sebelum tahun 1989. Pada tahun 1989, senario politik antarabangsa telah mengubah keadaan dunia secara global di mana tembok Berlin yang memisahkan ideologi dua dunia telah runtuh. Kemenangan besar di pihak kapitalis yang diketuai oleh negara Amerika Syarikat diraikan dan kita sememangnya bersyukur kerana “kebaikkan” yang digambarkan melalui sistem kapitalis telah menang melawan “kejahatan” yang digambarkan melalui sistem komunis. Tetapi seperti setiap kali peperangan berakhir, mereka yang menang tidak pernah puas dengan kemenangan yang diraikan. Kuasa mutlak yang dimiliki oleh mereka digunakan sepenuhnya untuk menekan negara-negara dunia ketiga yang tidak tahu membezakan antara komunisme dan kapitalisme. GATT (General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs) diubah kepada WTO (World Trade Organization) bagi membolehkan kuasa lebih besar diberikan kepada badan yang dikuasai oleh negara barat untuk menguasai dunia melalui bidang ekonomi.

Fenomena baru ini diberi nama sebagai Globalisasi. Mereka melaung-laungkan dogma ini seolah-oleh ini merupakan jalan terbaik kepada rakyat negara dunia ketiga untuk menikmati hidup mewah dan berkereta besar. Sempadan kuasa kerajaan dipadam dan digantikan dengan telunjuk kuasa dari Institusi Bretton’s Wood. Tidak sah lagi, globalisasi ini diperkenalkan oleh negara-negara barat bagi mengaut keuntungan selepas kemenangan besar dari peperangan terpanjang abad ke 20 iaitu perang dingin.

Berbalik kepada senario tempatan di mana negara sudah mula berjaya mencapai kejayaan sebagai sebuah negara membangun. Pastinya kita tidak mahu kekal selama-lamanya sebagai sebuah negara membangun. Kita juga mahu dikenali suatu hari nanti sebagai sebuah negara maju. Oleh itu Dasar Wawasan Negara diperkenalkan pada tahun 1992. Berbekalkan kepada azam bahawa kemerdekaan negara dicapai bukan untuk menjadi hamba dan pekerja kepada mereka yang memberikan kita kemerdekaan, kita menubuhkan sebuah syarikat berasaskan industri automotif pada tahun 1983 diberi nama Proton. Mengambil kata-kata dari pengerusi “Federal Reserve Board” Amerika Syarikat, Alan Greenspan, untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju, sesebuah negara tersebut perlu untuk mula mengeluarkan produk siap dan memasarkannya. Ini kerana di dalam usaha untuk mengeluarkan produk tersebut, pelbagai proses pembangunan dapat dilakukan seperti pemindahan teknologi yang akan berlaku seiring dengan pembelajaran ilmu berkaitan dengan proses pembangunan dari negara-negara maju.

Kejayaan mengeluarkan kereta Proton selepas hanya 25 tahun mencapai kemerdekaan memerlukan anjakan paradigma dari rakyat Malaysia itu sendiri. Penyemaian nilai-nilai postif perlu seperti keazaman tinggi, ketabahan menghadapi cabaran, kesanggupan untuk bersaing, keyakinan terhadap bangsa yang dahulunya menjadi subjek kepada negara asing, dan kesediaan untuk berinovasi. Sungguh mengagumkan jika difikirkan bahawa dengan hanya sebuah syarikat Proton sahaja, rakyat Malaysia sudah mula mempunyai ciri-ciri yang disebutkan di atas. Cuba fikirkan bagaimana pelbagai lagi industri berat berasaskan kebangsaan ditubuhkan, sudah tentu banyak lagi perubahan positif dapat dilakukan. Rakyat perlu mengetahui bahawa sesebuah kejayaan tidak boleh dicapai dalam masa yang singkat, tetapi amat mengagumkan sekali lagi, Malaysia mampu berubah dari sebuah negara agrarian kepada sebuah negara industri dalam masa 20 tahun. Berbanding negara Britain yang memerlukan selang masa 100 tahun untuk menjadi sebuah negara industri.

Kejayaan Proton menjadi pemangkin kepada rakyat Malaysia untuk menceburi bidang-bidang yang lebih mencabar pada masa hadapan. Fokus berubah dari sebuah negara membangun kepada sebuah negara maju sepenuhnya menjelang tahun 2020. Untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju, masyarakat yang berilmu pengetahuan diperlukan. Namun akibat kesan globalisasi, situasi dunia mula berubah. Malaysia bukan lagi sebuah negara yang menarik dari segi “labour intensive”. Pelabur asing mula beralih kepada negara seperti Vietnam dan China. Untuk memastikan pembangunan negara diteruskan, perubahan perlu dilakukan bagi membina K-pekerja. Ini hanya dapat dilakukan dengan mengeluarkan produk kebangsaan dan memasarkannya kepada dunia.

Terdapat kelebihan untuk menjadi sebuah negara industri. Ini terutamanya apabila berlaku masalah iklim dan perubahan cuaca, ekonomi negara kurang terjejas dari segi aggregat permintaan. Berbanding negara pertanian, jika hasil tuaian tidak menjadi, masalah tersebut sudah cukup untuk membuatkan seorang petani menjual anak perempuannya menjadi pelacur seperti yang berlaku di India dan China. Malaysia perlu berani berubah dan melawan arus ekonomi dunia. Kita sudah tidak boleh mengharapkan kuasa beli dari kakitangan kerajaan yang menerima gaji tetap setiap bulan bagi membangunkan ekonomi negara. Menyedari hakikat ini, dasar penswastaan diperkenalkan.

Joseph Schumpeter (1883 – 1950) seorang ahli ekonomi Austria pernah mengutarakan pendapat mengenai “creative destruction”. Jika kita masih lagi selesa bekerja untuk orang lain dan menjual barangan orang lain serta tidak mengambil inisiatif untuk berinovasi, satu kemusnahan akan berlaku kepada bangsa dan negara tersebut. Ini jelas salah satu sebab kenapa Proton harus dikekalkan. Janganlah kita musnahkan industri kereta ini hanya selepas beberapa kekecewaan di dalam aspek pengurusan. Adalah penting kepada kita untuk berpegang kepada realiti : kejayaan dan pembangunan hanya dapat dicapai melalui usaha kolektif dari kerajaan dan rakyat negara kita.

Kemerdekaan negara tidak dicapai hanya untuk merdeka semata-mata. Pada masa yang sama kita masih lagi menjadi pekerja kepada bangsa asing dan memanggil mereka “Tuan” dan “Mem”. Kita mempunyai tanggungjawab dan hak untuk menjadikannya lebih bermakna bagi mendatangkan faedah kepada bangsa kita pada masa hadapan. Kita sememangnya mengalu-alukan nasihat, bimbingan dan kritikan membina, tetapi bukan cadangan yang bersifat ke anak-anakan di mana “marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar”.

Penulis berpendapat bahawa rakyat Malaysia melalui Media gagal untuk bertanyakan soalan yang tepat kepada mereka yang berkenaan bagi mendapatkan jawapan tepat akan kemusnahan yang di alami pleh PROTON. Biarlah penulis meletakkan diri di kalangan bloggers yang “savy” mengenai situasi sebenar mengulangi persoalan yang harus di jawab oleh Khazanah dan Perdana Menteri mengenai nasib malang yang menimpa PROTON.

1. Kenapakah “Approved Permit (AP)” dikeluarkan secara berleluasa sehingga menjejaskan penjualan kereta nasional oleh Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa & Industri terutama kepada kereta-kereta yang mempunyai nilai setara dengan PROTON seterusnya menghasilkan pasaran yang terlalu kompetitif terhadap PROTON?

2. Kenapakah AP dikeluarkan kepada Dato Syed & Dato Haniff (bekas Setiausaha Bahagian di MITI); Siapakah mereka berdua ini?; Kenapakah MITI begitu berani untuk “sub-con” kan AP kepada kedua-dua individu ini?; Jika MITI “sub-con” AP kepada dua individu berkenaan, siapakah di MITI yang mendapat keuntungan daripada perusahaan haram ini?

3. Dimanakah letaknya “showroom” atau ruang pameran kereta-kereta ke dua-dua individu yang disebutkan di atas?

4. Dimanakah laporan petunjuk penilaian prestasi (KPI) yang dijanjikan Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri ke atas Pengerusi Khazanah Nasional (entiti yang bertanggung jawab ke atas PROTON)?

5. Kenapakah MV Agusta (syarikat di bawah PROTON) dijual dengan harga 1 Euro dan bukan harga lebih dari itu?; Siapakah pembida pembelian syarikat besar seperti MV Agusta selain dari Gevi Spa?; Siapa Gevi Spa?; Apakah “track record” Gevi Spa untuk membeli MV Agusta?; Apakah perancangan Gevi Spa untuk MV Agusta selepas pembelian?

6. Siapakah yang menjadi perunding penjualan MV Agusta kepada Gevi Spa?

Pada pendapat penulis, kerugian PROTON adalah berikutan kegagalan Khazanah Nasional dan pengurusan PROTON untuk mendapatkan keuntungan sepenuhnya daripada kuasa pasaran domestik (utilization market) dan juga kesan daripada “market suppression” berikutan dasar-dasar yang jelas membunuh Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional. Jika dilihat kepada keadaan kuasa pasaran, jelas rakyat domestik mempunyai kuasa beli yang kuat untuk mendapatkan produk keluaran PROTON termasuk galakkan pembelian secara hutang (debt incurring) daripada bank-bank domestik. Walau bagaimanapun, nilai kuasa beli atau “debt incurring” ini tidak disalurkan terus kepada sebuah perusahaan domestik tetapi bagi menambahkan pengumpulan modal (capital amass) untuk syarikat pemilikan asing. Secara kesimpulannya penulis boleh rumuskan bahawa rakyat Malaysia hanya menjadi pengguna sahaja dan bukan pengeluar barangan siap. Berdasarkan hujah tersebut, kepimpinan negara menyedari hakikat semangat juang yang lemah mereka terus menggalakkan perusahaan bersifat mudah dan tiada nilai inovasi tinggi seperti pertanian buah-buahan seperti nenas, durian, tembikai dan rambutan berlawanan dengan sebuah perusahaan seperti PROTON yang menggalakkan pengumpulan maklumat dan eksperimental fizik yang tinggi. PROTON disedari merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang memerlukan semangat juang yang tinggi serta cabaran intelektual tanpa henti.

Persoalan mengenai kerugian proses penjualan MV Agusta dengan harga 1 Euro tidak harus di sapu di bawah tikar. Ini adalah kerana sebuah perusahaan seperti MV Agusta yang mempunyai nilai tinggi (sekurang-kurangnya lebih dari 1 Euro) jika dijual dengan harga beli iaitu RM 400 juta tentu mengurangkan kerugian PROTON. Penulis juga sedar bahawa untuk mengeluarkan satu model kenderaan seperti Gen2, kosnya adalah hampir RM 400 juta ringgit. Jika pengurusan PROTON tidak mahu mengotorkan tangan-tangan (sengaja penulis menyatakan tangan-tangan dan bukan hanya tangan) mereka, jika didermakan RM 1 juta kepada 400 orang rakyat Malaysia, sudah tentu sudah terdapat 400 orang jutawan di Malaysia.

Kita mesti berani berkata benar dan mempunyai hak mendapatkan kebenaran dari fakta dan angka statistik. Seperti kata seorang ahli falsafah Greek, Epictetus, “Tuhan kurniakan kita keberanian untuk berjuang ke arah kebenaran dan kebijaksanaan untuk membezakan antara yang baik dan buruk”. Ambilah pengajaran dari kisah Alexander The Great apabila beliau berjaya menawan kota Persepolis, di Persia. Tetapi oleh kerana nasihat seorang pelacur bernama Thais yang mengapi-apikan Alexander mengenai apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Xerxes 150 tahun yang terdahulu ke atas Greek dengan membakar Acropolis di Athenian, Alexander membakar istana di Persepolis. Beliau bagaimanapun menyesal sehingga ke akhir hayat melakukan perkara tersebut.

Penulis ingin mencadangkan agar kerajaan memansuhkan jawatan “Menteri” untuk Kementerian Industri dan Perdangangan Antarabangsa dan menggantikan jawatan tersebut kepada jawatan Setiausaha seperti yang dilakukan di Amerika Syarikat. Ini bagi mengelakkan salah guna kuasa dari mereka yang tidak sepatutnya memegang jawatan tersebut di atas kapisiti seorang ahli politik semata-mata dan bukannya pentadbir. Pemegang jawatan tersebut perlu dilantik dikalangan mereka yang mempunyai latar belakang yang kukuh dan keupayaan merit yang tinggi dan bukan dipilih semata-mata untuk memenuhi kuota parti komponen yang memenangi pilihanraya. Manusia yang berjuang untuk kepentingan diri sendiri pasti tidak akan sempat berpaling kepada kepentingan agama, bangsa dan negara.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Selamat Ulang Tahun tunteddy

Today is 5th December 2006. It is also my birthday. I've been getting greetings all over and I wish you all well! Thanks for the wish and cheerio!

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy