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Monday, 25 December 2006

Miss The Good Old UPM

I miss the good old year while I was studying at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). One of my close friend (Che Salwi) yesterday sms me and mentioned about him being selected as a J-Qaf teacher in the state of Kelantan. Congratulation to Salwi. I wish the same success to all of my good friend; John, Isang, Adie, Azrin, Megat and others.

There are sweet and sour moment that really made up the man in me. I still remember my good friend used to "shout" (treat) me "nasi lemak" whenever I was out of ringgit. Nasi lemak is the delicacies for us university student due to its cheap cost. Isang and Megat would entertain us at their room (photo above shown) for a coffee and mid-day break.

1 comment:

akioneo said...

I oso missed tat time...

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy