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I'm very much inspired by the words of Thomas L. Friedman in his book "The World Is Flat" which renders about the influence of bloggers in this new age. I want to keep the highest integrity and honesty in posting my words to the world. This blog act as a testimony to my alacrity of sharing information with the borderless world. Hope we can share a high regards of veracity and chivalry with this blog because that's why it is here. So help me God!

Visit Malaysia

Visit Malaysia
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Friday, 28 December 2007

Malacca urgent meeting

Jonker Walk at night

Syafiq follows

Looking at the Malacca river


Night neons

Like Trafalgar

Memorial of the Queen's

What a lovely of Malacca nights

Dutch build this

Me in Malacca Square

Nice rights?

The tombstones epic
Me on the St. Paul's hill

Nice view

Old bricks

It was his first visits

Syafiq the relatives

Hear me on RTM Radio in January 2008

28th December 2007 - I'm on air in January 2008, talking about the Petroleum Industry products safety. Wait for it in January 2008 for one month, every Thursday morning 8.45 am in every RTM Radio (Malays).

Me during the recording session

We had a long recording

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Calling a shot from Machang - Eid Celebration

23rd December 2007 - I'm calling a shot from Machang town and wish all my good friend Eid Mubarak. We had a wonderful Eid celebration here in Labok and hope things will be better. The floods appeared to stop and we'll be travelling to Penang tomorrow for a holiday there. Wish my mother could join me and I wish God is on my side as always. Wish me love everybody and I wish you all the love world could offer. Signed out - Tunteddy Machang-

Friday, 14 December 2007

Turning 24 in Labok - Part-2

Me and Nisrin - Many people asked me what's my wish for this birthday. Let me share it with you all, that my wish for this 2007 birthday is to get married in the year 2008 with the right lady in the eyes of Allah.

Shahed, Nisrin and Ida

Shahed and Nisrin

BBQ for my birthday

Me and Nisrin
Bibi and Ceksu

BBQ day





The family
Along and Nisrin

Let's eat
The family
How to lit it up

Eating what else!~

Let's get cracking


Fatin and Ida
Nisrin and Shahed



Nisrin and Izzat

Nephew in Tanah Merah

Shahmi in Tanah Merah

Shahmi and his brother


Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy