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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Gua Musang - A New Deal (Final Part)

New Business Building Block

As I have said it earlier, let’s stop mumbling saying that our nation is no longer competitive in labor-cost for FDI’s. With the town like Gua Musang (and many others), we can offer a much bargain skills to the multinational companies. The only much needed for town like Gua Musang is basic needs and sole clinging to government bodies to develop and cater the need for Gua Musang residents.

There should be another body in-charge for development and investors pulling such as been done by Singapore government with the creation of the economic board responsible for promoting the region as a bed for MNC’s growth factor. Indeed government bodies like KESEDAR is credited for bringing Gua Musang to what it is today, but there are times when ones should review back the ways of doing business.

Our nation Malaysia is so rich either in resources and man-power. The only things educated people like us should do to reap the benefits of the prosperous world by utilizing what we already had and not hoping for some politicians and ill-intent son-in-law to rob it from the “real owner”… us!

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