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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Gua Musang - A New Deal (Part-3)

Gua Musang Old Train Station - Notice Beside the Gigantic Cave
According to my new friend Faiz, there will be a new deal for Gua Musang. There are waiting infrastructure program under the Ninth Malaysian Plan providing the new train station and indoor-sports arena for Gua Musang residents. There are also grapevines on building up a small airport for Gua Musang though the facts remained unclear.

I believe with the economic boosting from the Federal government by building up a comfortable highways linking Putrajaya-Kuala Lumpur-Klang Habor-Gua Musang, there is no doubt that MNC’s will invest in Gua Musang building up factories cum the beneficiary will be the Gua Musang residents.

There is already a link connecting Gua Musang to Cameroon Highlands which only took one hour drive but the public haven’t made known of. It is the best place to invest for FDI’s because it has what it takes to be competitive. There are a gateway for the foreign workers (Cameroon Highlands) and also much needed low cost workers with excellent willing to learn skills.

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