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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Rocky! We`re with you

The Dark Lord of the Sith has spoken:-

"We are not seeking to close them down. At the same time we do not support people making defamatory statements whether online or in print," said the spokesman (of Darth Sidious) who cannot be identified under company rules. "We should allow the law to takes its own course."

That was the statement of the Dark Lord against the three Malaysian Jedi, Jeff Ooi, Rocky Bru and Sheih. It was a libel intended to suppress intellectual view of the Force from achieving against the Dark Side intended to enslave Malaysian with corrupt practices and never ending lies.

“As we live and breathe, we are witnessing the servant becoming the master. Those people whom we paid for their everything to work for us, has now dictate us. Are now working against us. Some say, better the devil than the deep blue sea, however I rather say, both is not good enough.” – Sheih

May the Force be with you. Let makes sure the Jedi order prevails!

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