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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Out for a week!

Me at Istana Negara
I will be out of station from 11 - 14 of February 2007 for an induction courses for the ministry. I had received a message from Rakis that he will be out from Utusan (already signed his resignation letter) due to personal, milieu and political reason with Utusan. I hate to see such a young promising journalist leaving Utusan the only "good faith" paper that we have today. But like he said, "jangan di halang" I'm just gonna wish Rakis good luck in his future undertaking.

Thanks too to a very fine young woman named Norimah cause willing to spent time in checking my weblog. I'll be logging a new article from time to time and no worries, I'll be back as usual! Cheerio!


Sheih said...

Tun Teddy,

My father once said, "I won't shake hand with any of the PKM guerillas, my hand still wet with the tears of all the widows and the blood of our warriors."


mahsuri said...

selamat berkursus Tun Teddy...semoga berjaya!


mahsuri said...

Balik kursus,sentiasa up datedkan Blog u..coz INILAH tatapan saya pagi-pagi before nak start kerja..nice picture!

Tun Teddy said...

thanks sheih for visiting my blog! it's an honor! thanks norimah!

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