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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Asam Pedas from Bandar Hilir

4th March 2007 - I came back from Malacca yesterday evening. My Malacca trip was superb. I never thought that I'll enjoy doing courses with INTAN and my DPA friends again. But overall it was an escape to happiness for three days at Renaissance Malacca.

I managed to get quite a number of new friends which I cherish and grateful that they were my friends. Erna whom I knew during the courses was incredibly sweet. We went out for some tea beside the Klebang beach on the 1st March and it was great. Erna currently works at the Renaissance hotel as the sales coordinator. Yesterday I stop by at her house for an evening tea with her parents and it was going up so well.

Other than that, INTAN put me into one room (twin sharing) with my long good friend named Fathi. He currently works at the Ministry of Education in the audit department. He is still the same Fathi that I know when I was doing DPA at INTAN, Bukit Kiara. We shared a lot of problems (regarding works) which I took some of his opinion on certain matters and vice versa. Both of us was trying to finish up the budget for next year (2008).

I meet Norhisham which was close to me when we were being put together at Bachok (under DPA, INTAN). A lot have changed. Trust me, and this guy have married also with the same MCS's name Azzyanti. They worked at the same department at Malacca. And the best part of it, they didn't mention that they were husband and wifes until the last minute of the courses duration. Good luck to both of you.

After checking out of the hotel, I held a meeting at the states Ministry for a courtesy visits. I met the Deputy Director of the Enforcement Division for Malacca state named Mr. Wee. After the meeting, Mr. Wee treat me with some Malacca "kuih" deluxe, and it was heaven. According to Mr. Wee, the restaurant was the most popular and known at the Ujong Pasir area. You can find all the varieties of Malaysian "kuih-muih" at the restaurant.

The only thing that disappoint me was that I forgot to bring my camera along for the trip and I'm unable to share the memories with you all through the lens. But I will be back to Malacca at the early of April for another meeting. I drove back to Kajang yesterday, after having another evening tea with Erna parents. My Malacca trip was rated by me myself as 4 and a half star. I begin to think myself as one of them. Thank you Malacca and thank you Asam Pedas.


Anonymous said...

to Mr.Mahathir Jr.
hi!i already read this article.i admit,it was so amazing being with you here in malacca.It will be one of my sweet memories that i will never forget.Knowing you is one of the best things happen in my life.Eventhough i've just know you;i feel you're smart,tough young man,hardworking,outspoken, spontaneous& humble.with this unique character,i believe it can fulfill your needs & dreams.may God bless you always.i pray for you my dear.erna

Tun Teddy said...

thank you my lovely friend erna! I really need your prayers! thank you very much!

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