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Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Mohd Sidek Hassan

21 March 2007 - Being a government servants I can't run away from the facts of talking about the incumbent Chief-Secretary of State contracts extension period of two years. I'm writing this article not representing any form of service or any ministry, but I'm speaking from my own heart per-se (if we still have the liberty of self-expression nowdays).

Malaysia have the unlimited sess pool of great talents and able person of doing a great task. I do not believe in any specialty task and one man army in an enormous body such as our government. What makes America a great nation is that they will always have an able person replacing the primary post when the time comes and they never extend any indenture of any form. When the time comes for them to leave then they'll leave. That what makes them a great nation.

But the system in our young nations is inverse. We appoint someone for the post which they have no experience or knowledge what so ever in managing a human resource so big such as our government. And they want to play and act like they are the chosen one? I believe congratulations are in order.

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