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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

School used to be good (part-3) - a new beginning to the horizon

Me on my first winnings at MRSM MZMS

I never heard the name of Pekan Muadzam Shah before in my life. Moreover, our family never stays in the state of Pahang in our entire life before that name came up. My father had to ask the directions to Pekan Muadzam Shah from his close friends at his office. I can still play the reel of my memory on that registrations day; we head off early after dawn from Kajang to Pekan Muadzam Shah. And the story of my hard teenage life begins.

Thank God at that time we owned a saloon car (Renault 19). It was pretty comfy travelling for a long distance journey such as that. We arrived at Pekan Muadzam Shah at about 11.00 am. Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Muadzam Shah (MRSM MZMS) was a new school build and there is only one batch at the moment which was 95/96 and we (students who registered that day) meant to be the second batch to be placed there known as the batch of 96/97.

Everywhere around the school area, the red dirt of construction was still visibly seen to the eye. I can still recall the new spanking smells of the building corridor mixed with the freshness of the surrounding schools air. My hearts beating like a drum by the time our car reach the school area. I’m pretty much doesn’t have any idea of what will I faced during my confinement of the boarding schools life.

Me in English class in the year 1996

My dad had to pay a lot of fees at the registrations counter that day. There are numerous types of fees; association’s fees, sports fees, library fees, monthly MARA fees (RM 30.00), and all sorts of registrations fees which I don’t bother to recall.

I can still remember my mother hugs me real tight after sending me into my rooms which was provided for junior students enrolled that day at MRSM Muadzam Shah. They have arranged two seniors and two juniors to every room. And it is up the seniors to orientake the greenhorns (new students) about the schools daily life and life at MRSM MZMS.

I was set into one of the rooms with a “Kelantanese” brother name Shahrizal and another senior student named Radzwill which is the son of Datuk Maznah of Pahang (the infamous iron lady). Shahrizal is a very nice senior to me and all the greenhorns thus he came from Kelantan and so do I. He taught me quite a lot of things about boarding school life and protects me around the clock from senior bullying regime on my first two weeks there. Automatically we create a very good rapport with each other.

Unlike Radzwill which I must say pretty naughty students who lived by his own teenage rules and had his own circles of friends in their daily life at the school. They given us one locker each and there are four students per room. I was given room number 27 if not mistaken of the C block latter to be named as Block Saidina Ali.

The room was practically new with four beds and four steel lockers each to every occupier. It was a new block and pretty much comfy if compared to other MRSM around Malaysia. The school was just open two years back with the pioneer of the students was us and the senior. The toilet and the shower rooms located at the edge of the building block.

Practically two blocks shares one shower rooms. It is also meaning as a place where students clean their shoes, clothes and for shower. Laundry is provided but the services were very bad. During my first year, there still are no amenities such as laundry room and ironing room. You had to iron your clothes at the centre of your block where usually the warden provided one iron for every block. But usually the iron never works and always in a broken condition. The students (boys) used to not ironing their clothes for months. They just hang it out dry and under the fan for it to be look neat and tidy.

After meeting students who had already been there on the registration day, then I realized that I was the second intake for batch 96/97. Only 32 of us registered that day, while approximately 100 students under the batch 96/97 had already settled for 3 months before. We had to catch up a lot of studying syllabus that we had lag behind and we did.

My heart beats so fast that registration day thus I don’t know what to face after my parents left for Kajang. I still remember that moment where my mother hugs me really tight as if in her mind wishing me to be somebody after I left the school. I knew that my parents were so hopeful of me being somebody. Then they left home leaving me there in agape and not knowing what to face next. It was a mixed feeling of scare and enthusiasm.

That night after Maghrib prayers, I was pretty much don’t know what’s the next tentative. While every new students left for prep schools, I was left alone in my room wondering where everybody is. For the first time in my life I felt lonely and vulnerable that night.

After realizing that I was alone in that room, I went out of my room try to look around. Two next door rooms from mine, I can see the lights were still on. I knocked on the door and there are two new freshies like me. I remember one of them was Nasri and the other was Zafuan aka Awe. I asked them, where everybody gone and they too was astounded and don’t know where everybody have left. I was put into a situation to get to know my new two friends and that’s exactly what I did. They are very much a greenhorns and don’t have any ideas on what to be face next at MRSM Muadzam Shah.

Me during school trips to PWTC in the year 1996

At 10.30 pm, I start to hear noisy sounds of the students came back from their prep class. I ask my seniors where everybody had gone, and he was surprised that no one told me to be at the prep class. Thank God, the warden does not make an inspection while prep hours (they usually did) and we were saved by our ignorance. That night I before sleep, surely it is very quiet night being there at MRSM Muadzam Shah.

That morning I was instructed by my seniors to get dressed in Peach colour uniform. It is a very common every Monday that we had to wear the official uniform which is peach colour. I woke up at 5.30 am, very earlier thus we had to pray at the school surau “berjemaah”. After dawn prayers, the warden will count how many heads missing that do not turn out for dawn prayers at the surau.

They usually get punished by humiliated at the morning assembly and then caned. For the first year I had been caned quite a few times, usually on the weekends. After “tazkirah” (usually I slept and so does most of the students), we will had our breakfast at the dining hall. Next we’ll be headed back to our rooms to get ready for school days. Waiting for shower is one thing, getting into head counts at 7.15 am before moving to class is another. Sometimes, I had to skip morning shower, not because it was very cold in the morning, but due to lack of time that had to be chased around after breakfast.

Me during school trips to PWTC in the year 1996

I was put into class named Argon. Every class in MRSM Muadzam Shah name is based on the gas (chemical elements). I can’t hardly remember my classmate name except a few such as Nasri, Zafuan (they both sits next to each other in class since they are both roommate, both were from Kelantan too). The others classmate which I can recall was Haslina (beautiful girl), Nazri (Muar boys) – just to name a few. Our first day of studying class in MRSM MZMS was normal.

I used to wear black “songkok” whenever I go during my first year at MRSM MZMS and sometimes my hair will develop a strange disease as if there are tiny fruits to it. Some of my friends ask me either do I feel hot with the “songkok” on my head on a hot sunny day? It’s normal once you get used to it.

I develop a very good friendship with my next door senior rather than my own. My other roommate was Aminuddin Mahat and he was from Mersing, Johor. Amin is a very straight and na├»ve boys. He is okay, but I do rather talked and click with two my next door senior neighbour. We had a very good rapport and their name was Hairi and Syed Salikin. They are very close to me. Two of their junior roommates were Nazri and Azahari. Syed crazy about cars and always bought magazines about cars and Hairi was a boy with passion for women (aren’t we all). We usually chat every night before 12 am and sometimes during the weekends we chat till three in the morning. There are one Terengganu boy who was in our circles which we called him Along.

Me during school camping into Pahang wilderness

During weekends, on Saturday, the warden will permit out to the “pasar malam”. But we had to get signature of the warden the night before on our outings cards. We had to left the outings cards at the guard house and the outing time permitted was between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. On my first week at MRSM Muadzam Shah - during the outing hours, I took the liberty to take a sight seeing especially the famous lake Muadzam.

The town was quiet new indeed. But the only thing that makes us quite chilly happy was the “pasar malam”. It was our only entertainment for fun during the weekends. It is too was an escapade from the Dewan Makan food and dull environment of MRSM MZMS. We can get basically new things and new taste of foods every Saturday. My mom will provide me with allowance about RM 30 monthly apart from the fees which is also cost us RM 30.00 a months.

The bullying at the school was rampant. It was based on luck actually when we talked about being a greenhorns developed in the new surroundings. There are a few goods students but being put into a room with very naughty seniors, resulted them too turn bad themselves.

Me as student leader during school camping at Panching, Pahang

It was a hard time for us in searching for our identity and I don’t blame these students for giving us such a hard time there at the schools. But there are quiet a few who will never recover from the bullying trauma as not being the one who was bullied but the one who done it. I do not wish to speak of that person but he blamed himself for what he had done towards others. What a bloody destiny for him I supposed.

On my first months at MRSM MZMS, I won the story telling contest. It was a very good experience for me. Then things start to look jumpy on me.

Me on my story telling contest

Continue reading my life journey at MRSM MZMS (here) - Part-4…

p/s: To be honest, I don’t like to talk about my years at the MRSM MZMS due to bad memories I acquired there. But looking back, I cannot run away from the facts that I am who I am today as a results of my hardship at Muadzam Shah. To share with all, I’m prepared to go back to the hard time so that I’ll learn and relearn so I can be in my finest hour...

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The toughs get going!

20th May 2007 – I still can’t sleep even though the clock on the wall shows it’s already past midnight. A lot of things glanced through my minds. Some of it pleased me a lot but some don’t. But one thing for sure and I do want to share with you all is that God really loves me a lot. He never leaved me or neglected me even once. I do scare sometimes with all the love coming in from God. Because the love came with a test to show how much I love Him back. What predicaments will lie ahead from Lucifer and his mate facing me next is yet uncertain.

On the 28th May 2007, I went to INTAN Bukit Kiara to take my Diploma certificate at UDPA. It’s been quite a while since I been there. Almost one year I think. I can easily remember the first day I stepped into the INTAN Kiara vicinity with enthusiasm of wanted to be the best among the best. But it wasn’t an easy journey for me for it had been six months with toil and tears. It is the place where I knew the meaning of a true friendship and the meaning of great mental fight. Seeing the Diploma in hand, I must say I do find peace now with all the difficulties I faced during my six months residence there.

But there will always lay one good fight for a fighter like me after the fights had finished. I have been offered to further my studies at UM for post-graduate student. The letter came in on the 26th May 2007. It was on Strategic and Defence studies under the Faculty of Social Science and Arts. Many of my friends wished me good luck in the endeavour and I express many thanks for that. I do need your wishes for this fight since I had been what I am due to your (friends) prayers.

But University Malaya laid a thousand mysteries for me to be unravelled. It is a must not failed mission for me to finish my post-graduate studies at UM. My father once failed on his degree studies in UM early in the 70s. And so does my older brother for his Mechanical Engineering Diploma course. It is why; I must not fail and procure back the time spent by my two bloodline at UM.

It will not be easy, and I’m damn sure it will be tough as ever. But I knew somehow God will be by my side watching my shoulder. Wish me luck and cheerio.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Real Income - Out of the proportions

23rd May 2007 - Let's be honest when we discuss about the current domestic economic environment faced by Malaysia. Investment are turning away not due to the diminishing low labour cost or domestic geopolitical situations of the country, but due to the unattractiveness policies towards the external-business community that would like to invest internally. Vision 2020 once looked accessible not it seems so near but too far. Why it is that thing was so good before then turn sour to us Malaysian?

What we are experiencing presently is called a malaise!

Such one that had been experienced by the Americans during President Jimmy Carter era, Malaysia is pretty much in stagflation. Stagflation is a word referring to describe a period out-of-control price inflation combined with slow-to-no-output growth, rising unemployment and eventually recession. That is what our nations are experiencing at the present moment.

In referring to my first article on the government servant’s salary increment – Yes! We are mending the problems in outer layer where the main problems lies are that there is no obvious direct real growth that will affect the grass roots forthrightly. Yes indeed by increase the salary of the government servant’s it is one way in enhancing domestic growth. Yet there is still too much to be done.

By increasing the salary, it is confident that one way or another with the 1.2 millions government servant’s purchasing power, it will promote positive aggregate demand in the domestic markets. This aggregate demand simultaneously will encourage loans, circulations of public funds domestically and positive aggregate supply. It is optimistic and hopeful that by giving more purchasing power to the 1.2 million peoples in Malaysia, they will use that credits to buy, spend and not encourage savings during the stagflations time.

I do agree on the decision by raising the salary as policies that definitely will promote demand at macro level. That’s why it is imperatives that these people will utilize the purchasing power to spend hence reduce the effects of unemployment and stagflations. That’s why in my first article I stressed on the importance of government interference in helping the nation by pulling it out of the malaise by means of spending on infrastructure projects. As a result, the citizens hence will be encouraged to spend more because more money is in circulation. People will invest more, and it will subtract the effects of inflations and bring us out of economic malaise or stagnation.

I believe such endeavour can be attained for the reason that we have the sufficient credits. Take the development of Putrajaya for an example. Tun Dr. Mahathir used Petronas money since the first day of the Putrajaya development took place, and we do aware that Petronas had billions of cash money capitalising of its profits every month into account. Such money can be utilized to finish up the development of Putrajaya. But without strong reason the money currently can’t be touched on unexplained issues. For that reasoned, Putrajaya progress is in stagnations. I take Putrajaya monorail projects for an instance, there are thousands of government servants need to commute from home to office daily. If the projects hadn’t been stopped at the first place, the city wouldn’t be experiencing unnecessary slow growth in delivery systems as we all know that bus services are always not punctual compared to monorail. That is one of the problems we will have if the allocations of the public money are not going to be exploit accordingly.

Consumerism is not only an act in getting physical products, but also a term to describe the effects of equating personal happiness with purchasing material possessions and consumptions. If ten thousands of government servants commute daily using the public transport in Putrajaya and not happy with the service provided (late, uncomfortable, unreliable), then productivity needed will not be delivered. So much of a salary increment took place that should act as a carrot and stick for government servants to what end?

It should be seen that an active government policy have to be effective in managing the economy. So much in cutting the deficit spending, any act that will create countercyclical fiscal policies should be detested. I stand firm on my views that inflation will happened and keep on increasing no matter how. One way or another is ensuring that there are enough resources to be cycle within the market and economic sphere. Borrowing the words of John Maynard Keynes, “in the long run, we are all dead”. But it will be a very long run indeed.

Let’s go back to my previous assertion on how the left-wing socialism world affects us in being into the current blowback markets. During the Marxist-Lenin’s economic beliefs, there are no complex monetary policies implemented, no complex interest offered and a certain policy which abhors aggregate demand economy. These further create a shocked and stunned credits market for the former soviets nations when embracing free trade. In the capitalist and free trade world and business spheres, one of the most important cyclical economic effects is the aggregate demand. One of the government responsibilities and relevancy of government sector in the globalize world is ensuring the cyclical effect of the domestic markets using the public funds. That’s why it is imperatives to stabilize the purchasing power of the citizens in parallel to the changing economic environment.

To be continue…

Monday, 21 May 2007

Real Income - Feel Good Time for GOP

21st May 2007 - A lot of my close friends and unknown viewers of this blog ask me to write an article pertaining to the salary increament of the government servants. It is my intention of writing the article late after our PM announced it officially this afternoon at PICC so that I'll have a clear picture of what should I write.

You guys will be surprised of what I'll say about the announcement made on the subject matter:-

Yes! It was a very good decision by our PM and the announcement made, came exactly at the right time for us to adjust on the current inflation rate.

Why did I made the statement above? Some of my friends opined that the salary increment will trigger inflation and thus creating a balloning price rise among the businesses and effecting the consumers in a bad way. I had to disagree on that. As for myself, inflation already happened. It is due to the booming international markets and the high speed rise of a certain ex-communist nations (Communism and Marxist-Lenin beliefs proved to be futile and fools errand) such as China, East European Countries, Vietnam, India (a nations once believed on the state centralizing capital and complete socialism).

The prevailing of the Capitalism world and end up of government interference and economic barriers has made the international markets very competitive especially on the basic necessities products such as flour, rice, milk and etc (just to name a few).

This effect thus creating a very competitive markets among the international consumers and increasing the inflation rate world wide. For an example, I took flour on the domestic market scenario. MITI and Treasury alongside with Cabinet Ministers (not solely KPDNHEP) had agreed on the decision to raise the flour price not due to the incapability of the enforcement (KPDNHEP) in enforcing the regulated price on the item above, but due to the swelling up of the flour price on the international markets.

The competition of getting the products produced by a few companies on the international markets i.e. flour had gone very high and deliberately increasing the product prices in the internal market. If the government decided to keep the old price of the flour as RM 1.20 as previously gazzeted, sooner or later, there will be no flour sold within the boundry of this nations and creating an unwanted black markets just for the products. It is not only unnecessary, but also unfair towards the business community.

With the decision made by PM today at PICC on the subject matter (real income). I see it as a way in adjusting the real income to the current inflation. The decision and the rate announced today had been made based on the calculated by subtracting inflation from the nominal income. Inflation will happened no matter how we stemmed it. A lot of people will gained purchasing power compared to fifty years ago due to the booming economic environment and the collapse of the communism-socialism state.

One of the way in allying oneself to the inflation occured is increasing/ stabilising the purchasing power among the consumers and at the same time, utilizing the public money in encouraging growth with development projects such as infrastructure and high quality human produts.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Rindukan Tun Dr. Mahathir

16 Mei 2007 - Apabila diri ini menghadapi masalah yang sukar untuk dirungkaikan serta dalam masa yang sama dibebani dengan berjuta tekanan yang menghimpit sanubari, pasti kalbu diri ini akan merindui seorang manusia bernama Tun Dr. Mahathir bersama senyumannya dan ketenangan dirinya menghadapi masalah yang berganda lebih hebat dari diri ini. Tun M, tun kecik rindukan dirimu.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Port Dickson - re-visited

14tn May 2007 - I went to Port Dickson for three days attending a meeting reviewing back ISO procedures for the Ministry. It was splendid. I stayed at Corus Paradise Resort and the hotel was great except for the food.

Looking back, I think Port Dickson have a potential to be one of the best tourist attraction among locals who stayed at Klang Valley. The beaches was great and you have to give credits to the state government for transforming Port Dickson to what it is today. The only thing that Port Dickson lack is a large Mall or shopping complexes which can offer bowling or cinemas.

I believe if the Putrajaya decided to buit a ERL from KLIA to Port Dickson connecting KL Sentral and Port Dickson town that will be a hit. Booming the locals tourism and mushrooming the much needed extra-shopping complexes in Port Dickson. The only hinderence that makes Port Dickson unattractive to the Klang Valley dwellers is that there is no fast-public transport connecting Port Dickson and Kuala Lumpur.

As for myself, I enjoyed being on the sandy beaches of Port Dickson. Cheerio!

Corus Paradise Port Dickson Photo Series


Me trying to be like Daniel Craig

Copy of Daniel Craig?

Me and Azriza


Mr. chairman


Meetings - last day



Shahril and Azriza


Meetings - night sessions


Corus Paradise

Corus Paradise

Corus Paradise

Corus Paradise

Corus Paradise


Me and Mr. Ramli at Eagle Ranch
Eagle Ranch

Eagle Ranch
Eagle Ranch

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Condolences to Nizam's family

12th May 2007 - I received an sms at 5am this morning from my good friend Nizam. His father just passed away. I was still at Port Dickson during that time and after noon I rushed back to Kajang straight to Nizam's house at Desa Sri Jenaris. Tonight there'll be tahlil for the late father at 8.00 pm. Nizam need to be strong for the upcoming three weeks. At least for his mother. I feel sorry for Nizam and his family.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Off to Port Dickson

9th May 2007 - I'm off to Corus Paradise Port Dickson for MS ISO meetings. Will be back in Kajang on 12th May 2007. Wish me well... My brain is tired! Cheerio!

Melaka retreat... (Photo Series)

The newly discovered Santiago fort

Explaination on the fort

The buried fort

The buried fort

My younger sister and me at the Santiago site

The most famous historical site in Malaysia

Me and my younger sister in the a Famosa

My sisters on the St. Paul hill

View from the hill

Me and Fatimah in the St. Paul Church

Tangga-tangga ke pintu bahagia - Alleycats

Me at Stadhuys

Me at Klebang

My younger sister

My youngest sister

Having dinner at Klebang


We havin bowling at Melaka raya

Liyana lookin for strike

Ajitpal trying for strike

My big boss and his wife

Fatimah and Ida, Mastura and Liyana at the back

On the 2nd May 2007, I've been ordered to go for a retreat in Melaka. I brought my two sisters with me. The retreat was indeed changed me. It a start for something new. Hopefully it will leads to the true tunteddy.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy