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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Melaka retreat... (Photo Series)

The newly discovered Santiago fort

Explaination on the fort

The buried fort

The buried fort

My younger sister and me at the Santiago site

The most famous historical site in Malaysia

Me and my younger sister in the a Famosa

My sisters on the St. Paul hill

View from the hill

Me and Fatimah in the St. Paul Church

Tangga-tangga ke pintu bahagia - Alleycats

Me at Stadhuys

Me at Klebang

My younger sister

My youngest sister

Having dinner at Klebang


We havin bowling at Melaka raya

Liyana lookin for strike

Ajitpal trying for strike

My big boss and his wife

Fatimah and Ida, Mastura and Liyana at the back

On the 2nd May 2007, I've been ordered to go for a retreat in Melaka. I brought my two sisters with me. The retreat was indeed changed me. It a start for something new. Hopefully it will leads to the true tunteddy.

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Anonymous said...

hye..do u still know Aminudin Maht from Mersing Johor?Do u still have his contact number?please email it to me asap coz im searching for my exschoolmates...thanks

ira... artiqueno@yahoo.com

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy