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Monday, 14 May 2007

Port Dickson - re-visited

14tn May 2007 - I went to Port Dickson for three days attending a meeting reviewing back ISO procedures for the Ministry. It was splendid. I stayed at Corus Paradise Resort and the hotel was great except for the food.

Looking back, I think Port Dickson have a potential to be one of the best tourist attraction among locals who stayed at Klang Valley. The beaches was great and you have to give credits to the state government for transforming Port Dickson to what it is today. The only thing that Port Dickson lack is a large Mall or shopping complexes which can offer bowling or cinemas.

I believe if the Putrajaya decided to buit a ERL from KLIA to Port Dickson connecting KL Sentral and Port Dickson town that will be a hit. Booming the locals tourism and mushrooming the much needed extra-shopping complexes in Port Dickson. The only hinderence that makes Port Dickson unattractive to the Klang Valley dwellers is that there is no fast-public transport connecting Port Dickson and Kuala Lumpur.

As for myself, I enjoyed being on the sandy beaches of Port Dickson. Cheerio!

1 comment:

social democratic unionist said...

build this, build that, develop this, develop that, spend taxpayers money here, spend taxpayers money there,

how typical and monotonous the malay mentality towards economic development.

no matter how the battle is going on between the fascist mahathir and corrupt badawi camp, somehow they don't just realize they actually share the same small size of brain

when it comes to nation building, all they can think of is spending ( or I rather say wasting and curi sikit) the taxpayers money.

typical malay....... no diffferent from the rest

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Faces of Tun Teddy