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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The toughs get going!

20th May 2007 – I still can’t sleep even though the clock on the wall shows it’s already past midnight. A lot of things glanced through my minds. Some of it pleased me a lot but some don’t. But one thing for sure and I do want to share with you all is that God really loves me a lot. He never leaved me or neglected me even once. I do scare sometimes with all the love coming in from God. Because the love came with a test to show how much I love Him back. What predicaments will lie ahead from Lucifer and his mate facing me next is yet uncertain.

On the 28th May 2007, I went to INTAN Bukit Kiara to take my Diploma certificate at UDPA. It’s been quite a while since I been there. Almost one year I think. I can easily remember the first day I stepped into the INTAN Kiara vicinity with enthusiasm of wanted to be the best among the best. But it wasn’t an easy journey for me for it had been six months with toil and tears. It is the place where I knew the meaning of a true friendship and the meaning of great mental fight. Seeing the Diploma in hand, I must say I do find peace now with all the difficulties I faced during my six months residence there.

But there will always lay one good fight for a fighter like me after the fights had finished. I have been offered to further my studies at UM for post-graduate student. The letter came in on the 26th May 2007. It was on Strategic and Defence studies under the Faculty of Social Science and Arts. Many of my friends wished me good luck in the endeavour and I express many thanks for that. I do need your wishes for this fight since I had been what I am due to your (friends) prayers.

But University Malaya laid a thousand mysteries for me to be unravelled. It is a must not failed mission for me to finish my post-graduate studies at UM. My father once failed on his degree studies in UM early in the 70s. And so does my older brother for his Mechanical Engineering Diploma course. It is why; I must not fail and procure back the time spent by my two bloodline at UM.

It will not be easy, and I’m damn sure it will be tough as ever. But I knew somehow God will be by my side watching my shoulder. Wish me luck and cheerio.

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