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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Tun Teddy

Tun Teddy

Watch this space for my latest writing on "Damage Control". Cheerio!~

Saturday, 28 July 2007

This time let's stay and fight!

29th July 2007 - For all my life I had been running away from the fight despite my awareness of my destiny. At UPM or INTAN Kiara I shunned away from my greatest fears. If it's not because of The Most Merciful I would have been cast aside and remains negligible. This time God give me last chance to prove I'm worth it for His prophecies. And so this time, I want to stay and fight... Please help me God!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Dipetik dari buku nukilan HAMKA:-

Dihadapinya orang-orang yang menungguinya itu dengan muka yang tenang dan penuh senyuman. Lenggang badannya, raut mukanya, jernih keningnya, semuanya telah berubah, bukan Zainuddin yang penyedih hati yang dahulu lagi, tetapi Zainuddin yang sabar, yang tenang, cocok dengan namanya yang baru...

InsyaAllah, kerana Allah itu Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Penyayang.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A New Hope

27th July 2007 - A new hope and a new beginning for me. Cheerio!~

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I will find it all so amusing... soon

26th July 2007 - I'm reading this book now, just to let off the pain.

And now, the end is near,
And so I face the final curtain.
My friends, I'll say it clear;
I'll state my case of which I'm certain.

I've lived a life that's full -
I've travelled each and every highway.
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets? I've had a few,
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course -
Each careful step along the byway,
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew,
When I bit off more than I could chew,
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way.

I've loved, I've laughed and cried,
I've had my fill - my share of losing.

But now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that,
And may I say, not in a shy way -
Oh no. Oh no, not me.
I did it my way.

For what is a man? What has he got?
If not himself - Then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows I took the blows
And did it my way.

Yes, it was my way.
p/s : Frank Sinatra - My Way

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Moral Contest between Good vs. Evil – Pitched Battles

What are the defects of human judgments in life? The answer to that question is everything. The power of human judgments is limited. Human minds tend to listen and believe on what he wants to listen and see. In addition confining him to the situation where he tends to be complacent about his thinking and views.

Apart from the Power of God, where God is the Most Powerful and the Most Knowing, humans cannot see what lays in somebody hearts and their true intentions. Human can just only convey or express the message of truth through his words and actions. Sometimes through the expressing such intentions, still human cannot comprehend what the other side was trying to transmit through.

The power of the Truth is absolute. Often ones mind keeps on thinking why God makes the truth so deniable at the first instant and so undeniable the next. Is it because of the cosmological order in the world that keep being changed by God and moves in His own wants. Or is it because God knows something that human mind will never to comprehend?

Often we encountered with many cases and a lot of pitched battles between good and evil. Sometimes it is directly connected with our life and sometimes we are the only spectators of battles. The main questions that arise is that, Why God permits such an evil endeavour to triumph even towards the innocent and the most avid followers? Why such battles occurred often effecting heavenly sides and not ensuring the demise of the devils?

Things that happened in life usually are unexplainable. How did it managed to be devastated even at the first place it was considered something pure and good? Even though those that affected never challenged the power of God plus this are the exact groups or individuals that remembered Divine. Is it an unfortunate event or is it was meant to be by the Most Knowing?

We have been asking a lot of questions without ever will be revealed to the exact answers. Probably we will never get the right answer while we are still alive.

The fact about the moral contest between good and evil is that the good will never ought to win or ever dreams of winning. The evil will triumph in persistent forms until a time pick by God Himself arrive. And when do that exact moment came, winning for the good side doesn’t really matter anymore. Thus that is the wish of God.

The power of the evil is very strong and fearful. It is quite easy to get certain/ particular things when we associated ourselves to the devil. Things will look easy and pleasure and might be achieve with just a blink of an eye. Things that we covet to be with or own for will be in the grasp of our palm.

But the Most Merciful will never stop watching. He will help his own servants in one way or another, even after the servants had given up with the divine. The price of redemption lies in ones heart either it be heaven or worlds desire. Ones might not try to buy his soul back from the devil, but God is watching. That’s why in everything we did in life and about to embark, does it for the pure of heart. Seek guidance from the Most Knowing and do it. It’s not your problem if others cannot comprehend your pure intentions. It will never be too late to do the right thing, thus God will hold our hand and show us the light whatever the outcome is.

The power of good is unexplainable. Ones might see it moving towards a lose end but you must have some faith. Put a trust on the grace of God, that will rectify whatever happened, and let Him deal with the evil side. Vengeance is God’s sole rights, and forgiveness is the endowment of God to mankind.

The truth will be revealed, but when it does, ones tend to be into another form of self being which was higher than before. Ensuring the good to be successful, human had to use the most potent weapon of all which is forgiveness. But before that time came, ones had to endure the most challengeable period of all with tears. It will not be easy, but full of toughness and unendurable moments. But setting ones heart that what ones had done is the right thing, and then God will never forsake such a holly endeavour. It was what I called pitched battles between Good and Evil.

The intention had to be right. Do what is the right thing and not what others think was right for us. Ones might not be pious or advent God followers to win the pitched battles, but had to be right. The strength will come itself from God if ones stick to do the right things. Bear in mind, the devils will not just be watching. There will be bombardments efforts by the devils to stray human minds from doing the rights things. Surely the devil loves to see us fail. One of the most powerful weapons of the devils is fear. It is considered the most potent and powerful weapons used by the devils in pitched battles, perhaps the only weapons sanction by Gods.

To endure the unendurable is surely tough and rough. But it won’t be compared with the powerful feelings of fear. Fear is the reasons why lots of good sides lost to the devils in pitched battles. Fear will not only stray human hearts from doing the right thing, but also the reasons why evil triumphs. Weapons of fears will be used in many forms. The human eyes will see the fearful acts and the smile of the Satan during pitched battles. But lest worried human should be because God is watching.

God is the Most Powerful of all. Satan is subjected to God’s power. Even in pitched battles Satan was destined to triumph, but let’s bear in mind that Satan will not succeeded if its not because of God’s will and concurrence. And God is the Most Knowing of them all. There are reasons why God’s want such and outcome and we might never consume why.

God loves his servants even the servants themselves never knew God. He would be watching our back; our every move since He is the one who had wrote the story of our life at the beginning. We might demand an explanation of the tearful events that we had endured. We might never get such an answer not because He wasn’t there when it happened, but because He knew the pain that we’ve been through.

Often ones might seeks the miracles of God, just to be assured that they are at the right track. They too will never see such a miracles asked. Not because there are no miracles, but because it wasn’t needed. But if we keep our faith strong and un-waver, the time might come when God will reap the pain and ill feelings from our heart and replace it with wonderful feelings of happiness.

Satan might win the first battles with full colour, but the outcome of it will be in God’s hand. God have an absolute power of endowments, when He wants to give us something, nobody can stop it whatever peoples do, but when God wants to take back something from us, and nothing too can avoid it, no matter what we did. The script of life placed by God is an art to those who understand Gods. I believe in the power of God and His wonderous way and so should you.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Real Income – The Power of Acquiring and Self-Fulfilment

The purpose of the state intervention in promoting and creating an egalitarian society is no doubt competent especially in the third world countries and in nations that were just about to embrace Capitalism.

The sufficient purchasing power of individuals in a state for his own individual purposes is not considered ample and contributing towards the society he is living in. It is well understood that in a big and wide society, there indeed will be an inequality in terms of purchasing power or income distributions. An individual tends to be unsatisfied comparing ones toils of work with others when their income gap is too wide and broad.

Even though it is unethical for a person to steal from his own fellow being, but due to the large disparity and discontented of the income distributions, an individual will think that it is the only way in achieving equality. Realizing the gap of the income distributions becomes wider, an individual will venture themselves in different errands of gaining purchasing power.

Differing from ones idea, the purpose of purchasing power i.e. for leisure or the acquiring of goods, an individual will need such a power for life or the way of life perseverance. Marx and his idea stating that peasants and farmers had been the victims of the wealthy just only supporting the wrong errands of dissatisfactions among those that had less purchasing power. Thus human and communism tends to go back to the default form of trading where “barter” systems and satisfaction among the traders is considered a fair economic transaction.

That why Khmer Rouge in Cambodia once killed all the wealthy and educated individuals for the sake of being default where agricultural plays an origins of mankind well being. Mao Zedong himself once went into frenzy and anarchist society where he ventured in his Great Leap Forward and The Cultural Revolutions just for the sake of promoting equality and blaming the wealthy for the market differences.

In Malaysian experience of 13th May 1969, the Malays once went into amuck and rioting in expressing their grievances on the wide disparities of the purchasing power among the three main races. Such a course of action is just to gain a fair share in the economic disparity of the market. The power of gaining goods and leisure cannot be seen as the fulfilment of human necessities, but also need to be seen as individual’s objective in the pursuit of happiness.

The money itself cannot be seen as a paper which was deposited such a power of acquiring, but also as a means in gaining a fair and equal term on economic transactions. The well being and liberal economic market is understandable and concurred when a butcher is satisfied with what he will get in selling the meat at the market instead just changing it for something he didn’t need just for the sake of doing business.

Let’s look at in a market environment as pictured by Adams Smith, the well being and well off a society can bee seen and testified when a butcher, a farmer or a fishmonger is satisfied for what he had gained and sold at the market. These happiness and satisfaction of doing business and the flow of wealth and purchasing power among those that involved in the market transaction is the indicator of the well being of a society. A government servants and the increment of its salary cannot be seen as an indicator of a well being of a society if the increment of the purchasing power didn’t been used for the wider market of acquiring and purchasing goods.

In our experience and economic environment, the discrepancies in ensuring the flow of the purchasing power itself is on the losing ends. We rely more than 50% of the purchasing goods in the market by the government servants themselves and not among the business community. The unfair balance of the money flow in our economic perspective came solely from individuals which is associated with government bodies. The role of the government in our economic and social environment is misinterpreted as a welfare agency/ body which responsible in providing money flow through government projects and government endeavour.

Not relying on the power of the free market, our business community in Malaysia posturing towards safety net where business community even though understood as differ body from the government, but can be seen as mini-government agencies executing government projects and social endeavour from the government perspective. There is no encouragement to where our business community or corporate bodies is urge to create its own goods or independent products and charging for the free market outside safety net. Such weaknesses is moving towards depleting government funds in the Treasury if such an action where the business community is encourage to be free-in the economic sphere is not being starting off.

Take for an example where an idea for biotechnology products is first suggested by the Prime Minister himself and indeed the benefits of fruitful idea of its pet project is good for the business community in Asia. Plus the reservoir of herbs and numerous green plants from the forest of Malaysian jungle itself is wonderful. But in terms of executing the plan, there is no finish products perceive and taken into account whereas the sole facts that will ensure the survivability of biotechnology policy is the end products itself. Thus the end products will create wealth by the purchasing power of the consumer and will enhance research and development for certain products.

The money that was invested by the investors is paid up through the flow of the money that is willingly be paid by the consumers and the promotions of the products in the market of the world. Such and outcome for finish products will create unstoppable wealth and probably the wealth will never stop ever. Same as the private sectors it is encouraging when such as scheme of providing companies shares to the employee on certain amount of monthly income when such and idea is promoting persistent competency among the employee themselves when that sense of belonging is instil among the workers as such as sense of competition among other entity.

To be continue

Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Power of Freedom – Human Value

What is a human in its form? What matters most when we judge a human and its character? Either it what races he is from or which religion he is binding himself into? Or what colour his skins or political party he is voting to? In the history of modern human civilisations, there are many attempts in segregating mankind and its form.

The Spartan once considered them not as a Greek and would avoid to be associated with the Greeks. The Japanese was secluded culturally and politically based on their isolated island from the Chinese mainland hence considered Chinese as sub-human then them. The Mongols had conquered half of the globe just to ensure that no races are better than them in terms of warfare. Hitler and his own paganism idea saying that they are the chosen Aryan race which is destined to be masters of the world and to the other end were the Jews which they themselves considered as the chosen race. I would consider an even match with the Germanic people during the hectic frenzy of the early of the 20th Century.

But many of the segregated ideas of mankind and its value had been rejected with the support of human achievements. Hitler was embarrassed when Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. The great war machines and state of the art (during that period of time) of Americans army was also humiliated when was defeated by the petty peasants of the Vietnamese people in the Vietnam war. Despite numerous bombing missions executed for the aim of winning the war of attritions in South East Asia.

The embarrassment of the British and the French empire was also tested and proved to be futile when they was throw out from the Suez Canal when it was nationalize in 1956. Indeed might and arms supremacy was important and played an important part in maximizing the power of ones entity, but nothing will be more mighty and powerful than the mankind values itself. What destroyed the Berlin wall in 1989 wasn’t the idea of Capitalism or Reagan speech, but the human values in appreciating human’s idea of freedom.

Above were just scant historic facts of human’s freedom value triumphant. It was also a testament that mankind should not be regarded in what colour, races, religion, or political party he is alleging himself to. But human should be judge by what he does and his contribution towards the society he is in. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Bill Gates, Adam Smith (just to name a few), never considered their contributions just for the races that he was or the religion he is binding himself too, but to all the mankind.

Television, bulb lights, computers, medicines, penicillin and others great human breakthrough had been discovered by great thinkers and scientist not just for the use of certain human races or religions, but for all the mankind. Adam Smith once said that we can be complacent and just enough if we trade within our own community (states, countries, continental or etc), but we will be richer and well enough if we go free-trade among others. That statement strengthen the idea that mankind shouldn’t be confined themselves among their own tribes, religion or races, but for all mankind.

The better a country is in terms of its economic or political freedom is when their citizens or society given a wider opportunity and power to choose. Opportunity should be given to those that carry and embrace an ideas of mankind success towards development and human progression. I never believe that certain group should be given wider opportunity just because they are so and so, but they should be judge by what they will do and their contributions towards the society they are in and to mankind.

According to Milton Friedman, Political Freedom is the absence of coercion of man by his fellow men. If certain groups come up with and idea of progression and scientific development, but there are hindrance and obstacles in government policies saying they should be subjected to certain criteria that will benefits certain groups or political party, then the outcome of the efforts will be fruitless hence mankind in broader picture will be devastated by the unsuccessful idea.

Opportunities arise either it be money making or scientific breakthrough should be based on mankind progression and not political means for certain groups or races. We are living in the world of abundance where wealth is enough for everybody. The more we halt the flow of the abundance (money, ideas and progressions), the more we will lose for ourselves.

Even though how dramatic and dense such an idea comes up from a human mind, the debating of such an idea shouldn’t be stopped. It should be encouraged to grow and nurture so that it will develop for the advantage of mankind. The rice that the Malays eat everyday is never thought as the rice that came out from the paddy field of the Vietnamese people, or the Siamese people which embraced different beliefs as the Malays themselves (Milton Friedman phrase in explaining the wheat feeds by the Americans).

To be continue

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Singapore has fallen...

19th July 2007 - Singapore has fallen... and everything with it. Dear God, do not forsake me... I know you wont!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Malaysia have to replace the old rusted Nuri Helicopters (Sea King)

17th July 2007 – I just came back from class in University Malaya and we had in length discussion about the Nuri (Sea Hawk Helicopter) incidents which killed all six air force crew on board that was first reported missing on Friday.

I’m not interested in going and ramblings about the search party that was organised but I would like to pint point on the issues of unprofessional management in procuring the needs of our armed forces especially search and rescue helicopters.

My number one point is that lets say that we are in war, and this supposed to be Search and Rescue (SAR) party are going to conduct such and ill-dated rescue mission towards those airmen that was shot down by enemy fire. Will the time length of the rescue mission is prolong such as during peace time that was proven to be very late like the tragedy of last Friday? And will it be just relying on 5 senses of mankind rather than the much proven better technology support such as air infra-red metal detecter?

This tragedy happened among the crew members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), and not among some business companies that surely will lack the state of the art technologies in terms of infra-red, AWACS and etc. What an idiotic leader that was so ignorant fools for his own man, his own army and his own citizens that was willing to die (and did) protecting nations such as ours, did not create a standard operating procedures which was technology savvy despite numerous and hundreds of such tragedy in the history of our 50 years nations independence?

I would like to questions the needs of our armed forces. We bought MiG29s and it was the state of the art jet fighters. But how many times did we use such an aircraft for protection of this nation? Then we bought again Sukhoi Fighter Aircraft with its state of the art technology despite the unnecessary buying just for the sake of telling people that we can afford such procurement. But what is the frequency of usage between fighter plane and helicopters for the sake of the people itself? Somebody up there surely do not understand the thick line of differences between needs and desire.

We keep using and old Sea Hawk helicopter despite Americans themselves had dissolved usage of the similar aircraft in 1997 except for Marine One. It is understandable that the American Presidents were using Sea Hawk helicopter, but bear in mind the technology add up of the Marine One is mountainous. But in the sphere of our military logistics, no doubt that Sea King Helicopter usage is irrelevant and don’t dare to say that Sea Hawk helicopter is still practical in Malaysia.

Even United States Air Force is reducing the usage of their Sikorsky-70 (S-70) Black Hawk helicopters due to their old age. I don’t want to delve much on long gap of missing technology between Black Hawk and Sea King. But the name itself S-70 (Black Hawk) and SH-3 (Sea King) can tell you the differences. It’s time for us to change the SAR helicopter used by our flying boys.

I don't have to share with you my thoughts of how six of our boys suffered an excruciating pain, endless mental torture and unpleasant death waiting for the rescue party to find them just too damn late. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Royal MALAYSIAN Air Force Government.

p/s: Al-Fatihah to our boys that died needlessly for their country and for RMAF

Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Power of Freedom – Understanding Freedom

I’m very much interested in emphasizing about the power of Individuals courage, chivalry and wills in determining people’s future come what may either it be economic or political freedom. But my writing this time around will cover mostly on kinds of profiles and acts that will determine many multitudes of mankind’s freedoms especially in this nation.

According to one of the distinguished 20th Century’s economist, Milton Friedman, there are three (3) types of freedom that mankind should have which are; (1) Economic Freedom; (2) Political Freedom (what most people usually aware off), and; (3) Civil Freedom (what Mr. Friedman suggested). There is a very thin line of differences between Political Freedom and Civil Freedom that we had to discern off, but when the points of reference towards the two main principles is determined, then what Friedman had told us is very much true that Civil Freedom is the last achievable principles in feasible system.

I don’t want to delve much onto the two main freedom principles (Political and Civil), but there can be no escape that in achieving the political and civil freedom, ones must first obtained the basic Economic Freedom. The question arise that which one should come first, either it be political or economic freedom is still can be debated in length. But in a country such as ours where we build this nation on tolerance and compromises, then what Mr. Friedman suggested is not accurate. We had to gain Political Freedom first before the next two main freedom principles can be achieved.

Based on our nation’s history, we cannot tolerate in making the British as our masters in this land and that is the reason why Malaysia is not a colony such as Australia or British Hong Kong before 1997. What was proposed by the Malayan Union plan is very much the same with current constitution except for certain Malay’s special rights. We had to gained Political Freedom through declarations of Independence signed by Tunku Abdul Rahman for the sake of being politically free in determining our own future which in the future to come will be economic and civil freedom.

Based on our experience we decided in moving along with the nation development and fulfilling the promise that we had made after much lengthy talk of compromising ones civil rights (i.e. that man should be made equal and not subjected towards their beliefs and skin color). Why am I saying such a blunt statement is that, the Declaration of Independence signed by Tunku Abdul Rahman 50 years ago is not the same of our past policies after 31st August 1957. The Declarations of Independence signed 50 years ago emphasized on the importance of mankind’s freedom and rights and not certain people’s special rights. And I urged my readers to check it (The Declarations of Independence) so that I can be corrected if I’m wrong.

But Tunku Abdul Rahman was very witty and clever after seeing the current situation in Malaya (1957) that the Malays still regards their Indian and Chinese friends as foreigners and only wants to works in Malaya and want to be back in their respective lands after retirement or eventually. Malaya was never their own, and this is because Chinese can easily be accepted in China and Indians will not have problems in entering India back based on their skin color or beliefs. But to the Malays, whatever happened in Malaya, they cannot migrate away from it except stays and be where they were. And that is not freedom coveted by mankind, but by particular groups which will and eventually infringe upon minority groups. I’m not saying that a minority group does not have rights, but based on mankind experienced, a minority groups usually changed the events of mankind’s freedom (Palestine, Nazi’s, Cuba, Lenin revolution’s just to name a few). Thus minority rights shouldn’t be neglected and freedom’s should be based on mankind and not certain particular group interest).

Back in our nation’s experienced, the social contracts is concurred whereas the Malays agrees in accepting Chinese and Indians as one of their brothers in this Land. But after twelve years of experimenting political freedom, the Malays realized that they cannot compete with the Chinese and Indians race if the playing field of economic freedoms stays just like what was put in the Declarations of Independence signed 12 years ago. Plus with the puzzlement of which kind of economic theory that should the young nations such as ours follow (either it be Capitalism or Communism). Still there is no sign of economic freedom achieved even though the age of the nations is getting to 12 years.

Then our people had to learn it the hard way through the 13th May 1969 incidents. By that tragedy then we realized that political freedom is useless without economic freedom. The sorting back of the race and their economic well being is crucial so that they will come one day when people’s in Malaysia will eventually achieve civil freedom. But in doing so, we cannot follow the Capitalist theory in a bulk, not because the theory is defects but because we are not ready yet to embrace Capitalism and full fledged democracy. There should be limits towards achieving freedom. Within the time frame so that our own people will understand freedom and not be in a situations where a particular group wants them to understand freedom according to a particular group beliefs. And in achieving that, the roles of the government should come into play.

In my own opinion and personal views, I don’t think any other economic theory is much better and practical except Capitalism. Capitalism provides people with civil liberties and rights to be free either it are economic or civil freedom. Plus only with Capitalism life can be preserved in this small world. No doubt one day, this economic theory will bring the demise of the mankind itself, but I concurred with what Joseph Schumpeter’s saying that one day the greatness of mankind intellectualism will bring to the destruction of the world itself. What I do understand is that it will default the system when the system reach the limits. But it still is a long way to go and no other way of going except moving towards it.

But Capitalism will only prevail if the system works. Because only with the workable system that people will get what they want, instead of a particular group thinks they ought to want. And in getting there, the only way is to provide freedom for people in choosing what they think is rights by them.

Ensuring the prevailing economic freedom for the young nations such as ours, the government at that time (1969) had to be firm and stringent. We realized that this nation is not ready yet to achieve full free-market and so we had to create a situation where the system works. We adopted a socialism concept plus free market. But that doesn’t mean it should stay forever. The flagship during that time (1969) were sorting back the races through economic freedom, public housing, and forming policies (invisible hands) which will provide and ensure the same level of playing field among the players. Plus instilling a doctrine within the three main races of Malaysia where sole allegiance was to the belief that whatever comes, Malaysia is the only place to call home.

The implementations of the above systems was not perfect, but we had no other choice or else anarchy will take over the system just like what happened to the African states where they are not ready yet to be free but freedom had given by the Colonialist (Britain, France and Belgium).

After twenty (20) years of implementing the NEP, we had achieve only 18.1% (figures are not correct, please feel free to correct me) even the targeted figures is 30% of economic cake among the Malays and the Indigenous people. No doubt that NEP had failed in achieving the coveted figures. And no doubt that the implementation of NEP is to rash and only concentrated among selected few of the particular parties. This is not the way that economic freedom should be achieved. Thus the words freedom itself is not tally with the NEP policy.

After 1989, in seeing the NEP hadn’t reached the target, but had increased the Malay’s economic cake from 4.1% to 18.1%, thus the main objective of the plan is remained whereas the concentrated effort is stressed on the quality rather than quantity. But in understanding the flow of human richness and opulence, then we had to understand that the economic freedom cannot be reached via laws, government interventions and government protections, but by individual strengths, courage and chivalry. If we continue to be like prior of 1989, I personally believe that only selected few will be rich and remains okay. Rather than a much better pool of human ingenuity within the four walls of our nations that still remains unexplored.

Let me emphasis my point up there. Let’s take a look at the caste system in India. In Caste system, only certain level of caste should reached the opportunity of being a high officers or high echelon peoples who will determined the drive of a nations objectives rather than their huge and vast pool of human ingenuity. Humans are created equal. Such a fascist theory that there is a sub-human or inferior race doesn’t exist. History had taught us in sports, war or economic race. What if certain caste one day is low of human power and do not propagated such as needed? What will happen to the much needed human hands that will be responsible in fulfilling the jobs in driving the richness of nation’s sources for the masses? Will they stay on being separated or segregated within their own caste or will they let human ingenuity prevail? And that’s what I feel on the issues of understanding of our political freedom in achieving the economic freedom.

I didn’t say that the American system is the best in this world or practical in Malaysia. But we cannot run away from the facts that the system works in that nations and mostly in developed nations. Somebody which was once come from a poor family and not only once illiterate is being given an opportunity of being a President (Abraham Lincoln) due to his own hard works. Or perhaps somebody which came from not only an Irish family (that was once hated in New York), but also from a Catholic family was also proved can be a very good Presidents (JFK).

What I’m trying to explain here had already happened in America and still happening in a working systems where human merits is cherished and not bloodline. Let’s try to ponder on our situations here in Malaysia. Is it possible for somebody who was nobody thinking about getting the post of Prime Minister for the sake of the people itself? I would bet my life none will have the opportunity unless we changed our understanding on the true meaning of the words freedom. But I can find quite a number of irresponsible, irrelevant or mindless persona in this nations that had a wide opportunity of being a Prime Minister for the sake of guarding the selected few special interest and not for the sake of improving the masses.

To be continue…

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Discovering Ipoh

See the caves - reminds me of Gua Musang

See the caves of Ipoh?

Caves of Ipoh

Buddhist temple - in front of Taman D. Seenivasagam

Old buildings from the colonial era

Old Padang of Ipoh

Old Padang of Ipoh
Old Padang of Ipoh

Beautiful building from the past

Ipoh (Upas) tree

Old train station

Explaination on Ipoh Tree

Old Train station

Under revamption

Old station

Old station

Ipoh town

Ipoh town

At the logging museum

At the logging museum

Old uniform of Peg. Perhutanan (Forestry Officers)

At the logging museum - beside SUK

Last Monday (9th July 2007), I went to Ipoh for work task. I never been to Ipoh before in my life and I find it very interesting. It was a very big city populated mostly by our Chinese friends. The town was well spread and full of old buildings from the pre-independence day. I find it very hard to find Muslim food stall not like Malacca and Penang. But I must say that Ipohrians live their life quite well with each other blend in with differences which they find okay to tolerate.

I find that there are other areas (Chief Minister residence) which is totally different from the heart of the town. I went for a sight seeing and took some snapshots which I put above. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton hotel and it was a fair bargain. It's very hard for you to find 4 stars hotel in Ipoh not like Malacca, Johor Bharu or Penang.

Ipoh City can be discover more in terms of its urban planners and I don't think Perakrians had a problems in sourcing that up among Perakrians themselves. But I can see now why white man (those days) choose Taiping instead of Ipoh as the state administration centre. The locations is not so strategic compared to Taiping which is close to the port and Ipoh was full of caves and kind of reminds me of Gua Musang. And they got more caves than Gua Musang. Above are the photos from my trips.

A visit to UPEN - Perak

Me and Lum at his office
I went to visit one of my long friend Lum at his office at Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Perak. He works as UPEN - PTD's for two years. Lum is a very tall guy and handsome person. We had a caht about friends and life. Wish him to get marry soon. We had quite an experience while studying at INTAN Bukit Kiara. He looks pretty well. But to my dissapointment, I couldn't met Sri Hartini (which was also close to me) while at INTAN Bukit Kiara. Sri was in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting. Cheerio!~

Introducing Dr. Othman Suleiman

11 July 2007 - Let me introduce to you all my new good friend Dr. Othman Suleiman. People say that chilvary is dead in this new world, but he (Dr. Othman) is the testament of how God creates people with such a great value as a good Samaritans. He (Dr. Othman writes his own blog here)

I went for a visit to Dr. Othman Clinic's located in front of the nurses college in Port Dickson last week, and we had a long chat. I wish I could share with you all what we had discussed. Mostly its about life. Dr. Othman is a great man, very humble and a great helper. He had helped me to find myself which was lost for quite a while. Thank God I got a good friend, and his name is Othman Suleiman. Cheerio!

Tun Teddy at the army base muzeum Port Dickson

Army vehicle

My most coveted vehicle on earth

Me in front of an old APC

Me and old APC

Me with Condor

It was a great experience

Tiny space for tall guy like me

See what I mean?

Macho guy (say it to myself)

Me in Condor

Small space

Army vehicle

I FOR condor

Army vehicle

Me with and old Hawk


Two of our guys murdered in that - Al-Fatihah

Jet engine

Old Alloutte

Old Hawk

Old Hawk

Old Hawk - American made

Name list honors

Reminds me of Tunku Memorial's


Old train

Army bike

Army bike

Army bike

What a perfect match


Me and her (the one)!

Me with Commando's beret

I took the liberty of sight seeing the new built army muzeum at Port Dickson camp. Here are the photos taken there.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy