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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Malaysia have to replace the old rusted Nuri Helicopters (Sea King)

17th July 2007 – I just came back from class in University Malaya and we had in length discussion about the Nuri (Sea Hawk Helicopter) incidents which killed all six air force crew on board that was first reported missing on Friday.

I’m not interested in going and ramblings about the search party that was organised but I would like to pint point on the issues of unprofessional management in procuring the needs of our armed forces especially search and rescue helicopters.

My number one point is that lets say that we are in war, and this supposed to be Search and Rescue (SAR) party are going to conduct such and ill-dated rescue mission towards those airmen that was shot down by enemy fire. Will the time length of the rescue mission is prolong such as during peace time that was proven to be very late like the tragedy of last Friday? And will it be just relying on 5 senses of mankind rather than the much proven better technology support such as air infra-red metal detecter?

This tragedy happened among the crew members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), and not among some business companies that surely will lack the state of the art technologies in terms of infra-red, AWACS and etc. What an idiotic leader that was so ignorant fools for his own man, his own army and his own citizens that was willing to die (and did) protecting nations such as ours, did not create a standard operating procedures which was technology savvy despite numerous and hundreds of such tragedy in the history of our 50 years nations independence?

I would like to questions the needs of our armed forces. We bought MiG29s and it was the state of the art jet fighters. But how many times did we use such an aircraft for protection of this nation? Then we bought again Sukhoi Fighter Aircraft with its state of the art technology despite the unnecessary buying just for the sake of telling people that we can afford such procurement. But what is the frequency of usage between fighter plane and helicopters for the sake of the people itself? Somebody up there surely do not understand the thick line of differences between needs and desire.

We keep using and old Sea Hawk helicopter despite Americans themselves had dissolved usage of the similar aircraft in 1997 except for Marine One. It is understandable that the American Presidents were using Sea Hawk helicopter, but bear in mind the technology add up of the Marine One is mountainous. But in the sphere of our military logistics, no doubt that Sea King Helicopter usage is irrelevant and don’t dare to say that Sea Hawk helicopter is still practical in Malaysia.

Even United States Air Force is reducing the usage of their Sikorsky-70 (S-70) Black Hawk helicopters due to their old age. I don’t want to delve much on long gap of missing technology between Black Hawk and Sea King. But the name itself S-70 (Black Hawk) and SH-3 (Sea King) can tell you the differences. It’s time for us to change the SAR helicopter used by our flying boys.

I don't have to share with you my thoughts of how six of our boys suffered an excruciating pain, endless mental torture and unpleasant death waiting for the rescue party to find them just too damn late. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Royal MALAYSIAN Air Force Government.

p/s: Al-Fatihah to our boys that died needlessly for their country and for RMAF

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