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Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Power of Freedom – Human Value

What is a human in its form? What matters most when we judge a human and its character? Either it what races he is from or which religion he is binding himself into? Or what colour his skins or political party he is voting to? In the history of modern human civilisations, there are many attempts in segregating mankind and its form.

The Spartan once considered them not as a Greek and would avoid to be associated with the Greeks. The Japanese was secluded culturally and politically based on their isolated island from the Chinese mainland hence considered Chinese as sub-human then them. The Mongols had conquered half of the globe just to ensure that no races are better than them in terms of warfare. Hitler and his own paganism idea saying that they are the chosen Aryan race which is destined to be masters of the world and to the other end were the Jews which they themselves considered as the chosen race. I would consider an even match with the Germanic people during the hectic frenzy of the early of the 20th Century.

But many of the segregated ideas of mankind and its value had been rejected with the support of human achievements. Hitler was embarrassed when Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. The great war machines and state of the art (during that period of time) of Americans army was also humiliated when was defeated by the petty peasants of the Vietnamese people in the Vietnam war. Despite numerous bombing missions executed for the aim of winning the war of attritions in South East Asia.

The embarrassment of the British and the French empire was also tested and proved to be futile when they was throw out from the Suez Canal when it was nationalize in 1956. Indeed might and arms supremacy was important and played an important part in maximizing the power of ones entity, but nothing will be more mighty and powerful than the mankind values itself. What destroyed the Berlin wall in 1989 wasn’t the idea of Capitalism or Reagan speech, but the human values in appreciating human’s idea of freedom.

Above were just scant historic facts of human’s freedom value triumphant. It was also a testament that mankind should not be regarded in what colour, races, religion, or political party he is alleging himself to. But human should be judge by what he does and his contribution towards the society he is in. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Bill Gates, Adam Smith (just to name a few), never considered their contributions just for the races that he was or the religion he is binding himself too, but to all the mankind.

Television, bulb lights, computers, medicines, penicillin and others great human breakthrough had been discovered by great thinkers and scientist not just for the use of certain human races or religions, but for all the mankind. Adam Smith once said that we can be complacent and just enough if we trade within our own community (states, countries, continental or etc), but we will be richer and well enough if we go free-trade among others. That statement strengthen the idea that mankind shouldn’t be confined themselves among their own tribes, religion or races, but for all mankind.

The better a country is in terms of its economic or political freedom is when their citizens or society given a wider opportunity and power to choose. Opportunity should be given to those that carry and embrace an ideas of mankind success towards development and human progression. I never believe that certain group should be given wider opportunity just because they are so and so, but they should be judge by what they will do and their contributions towards the society they are in and to mankind.

According to Milton Friedman, Political Freedom is the absence of coercion of man by his fellow men. If certain groups come up with and idea of progression and scientific development, but there are hindrance and obstacles in government policies saying they should be subjected to certain criteria that will benefits certain groups or political party, then the outcome of the efforts will be fruitless hence mankind in broader picture will be devastated by the unsuccessful idea.

Opportunities arise either it be money making or scientific breakthrough should be based on mankind progression and not political means for certain groups or races. We are living in the world of abundance where wealth is enough for everybody. The more we halt the flow of the abundance (money, ideas and progressions), the more we will lose for ourselves.

Even though how dramatic and dense such an idea comes up from a human mind, the debating of such an idea shouldn’t be stopped. It should be encouraged to grow and nurture so that it will develop for the advantage of mankind. The rice that the Malays eat everyday is never thought as the rice that came out from the paddy field of the Vietnamese people, or the Siamese people which embraced different beliefs as the Malays themselves (Milton Friedman phrase in explaining the wheat feeds by the Americans).

To be continue

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