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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Moon Over Malaya - A Tale Of Argylls and Marines

The book

Last Saturday I went to Kinokuniya, KLCC with Mislahuddin, his wife and his youngest child to buy this book Moon Over Malaya - A Tale of Argylls and Marines. Mislahuddin bought two International Relations book for our master studies. It was a great day after lengthy meeting at UM with freshies students of IR degree. Anyway, I'm half way done reading the book and I promise you guys that I will share what I've gain from the book later. Cheerio!~

Updated: 14 August 2007 (Tuesday)


I have finished reading up the whole book and I must say that it is a must read book if you are a strategist and history enthusiast like me. I have read book written by numerous historian or first account experience by those who was at Singapore when it falls in 1942, but none can match this one.

The book tells in details about the Battle of Malaya (North of Malaya – Kedah, Slim River), Battle of Johor and Falls of Singapore. It will only concentrate on the survivors account of the Argyll’s and Sutherlands Highlanders (Scottish Regiment) that was send to defend Malaya.

These Argyll’s perhaps one of the thinnest red line that really defend Malaya apart from others Empire troops that was only retreating to Singapore. Their account was remarkable when they describe in details of pitched battles that occurred and insanity that came up when British Empire troops were in confusion.

Many facts really amazed me on how details this Argyll's Regiments explain about what really happened prior of the Japanese Occupations and why Singapore falls. You will be surprised on what really happened, for an example there was an account of a German Civilians were involved in showing the way for the Japanese Soldiers when the Battle of North Malaya occurred.

It also tells us that those who were commissioned on the two indomitable HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse was an Argyll’s. I give my five stars to this must read book.

Reference: Moon Over Malaya – A Tale of Argyll’s and Marines, Jonathan Moffat & Audrey Holmes McCormick, Tempus Publishing Limited, 2003

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