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Saturday, 20 October 2007

How to make "sugar cane juice" - From Gua Musang (Jeram Tekoh) Eid 2007

After a hard days work in the field

Mamat Syabil and Syahid

They too want to interframe - Fatin, Fatimah and Syafiq

Are you sure you know what you`re doin?

This is the right way to do it - Syafiq

Syafiq teaching me the right way

It's harder than it looks

Must be really sweet

Had to machine it many times

We had to clean the sugar cane stick first

Early morning in Jeram Tekoh

It really a tiring job

The master of Sugar Cane

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Rusdi Mustapha. said...

Dear Tun Teddy,

Congratulations on having a real "what blogsite" ought to be, that is people's friendly and pleasant to visit. I thank you for visiting my site. BTW your silhouette is really a picture, not a silhouette! The picture of "me" and my brother is not really me and my brother but my sister, who passed away on the 23rd October, 2007 qat 12.30pm at the GH!.


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Faces of Tun Teddy