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Thursday, 11 October 2007

It's about being old and matured...

11 October 2007 - It's about being old and matured now for me. For this Ramadhan I've experienced and learned a lot of things of being old and matured. Places that I've been to and peoples that I've met. It's about accepting whats God had put forth about my great future. Sometimes the words patience is cruel but there it is. Patience is a virtue and I will always believe in that. I've no regrets in standing tall and says the word "I am!".

It is the toughest Ramadhan ever for me. My mind, body and soul is battered tested by the events that happened and decisions that I've took during this Ramadhan. I accept my failure on certain plans and I do forgive my self for that. Peoples that I've met which I never thought of meeting before is surely a gift for me. Ohw if I could tell you how happy I am to have that path crossed even though it was for a blink of time I surely would. The love that been showered on me by once strangers is bless with the love of God. I felt such love and it will remains for me and with me for the rest of my life.

It's hard for me to accept certain plans God had put for me, but He knows better. Praise Him for the love that I've felt during this Ramadhan and I know theres more to come from Him. Just like what my best friend Neil always said to me "God and His wonderous way".

Please Allah, I beg you not to neglect me ever and I know You will always shower me with Your love, as I love You. Hold my hand and show me the path of righteousness. Amen.

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