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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Labok 2007 Raya Photo Series Part 2

Izzat Zefri Zahari

From left, Nisrin, Fatin, Izzat, An2, Fatimah and Fawwaz




This is my large family

My large family

Izzat and his father

Nisrin and Fatin

Fatimah, Nisrin and Fatin


Nurin Nisrin and Fatimah Syazwana

Fatimah and Nisrin

Zahari Ismail

Izzat and his father

The Zahari's family


In front of the house

Pak Su

Relocating the shack

Relocating the shack


Me and Pak Ngah

Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing

Relocating the shack

It's dilapidated already

Pak Su

Lets clean the yard

Something need to be removed

The yards from the balcony

Me on the old honda

Honda - AG 3636

Me on the third day of Eid 2007

Relocating another shack

Yards of the new Mr. Zahari's bungalow

Need to relocate the shack

It's still new

It's damn heavy

Lift it up!

The views of the granpa's house

The family

Me and the young relatives

Smile for the camera Nisrin

Me, Mat Syabil and Farhan

Me, Nisrin and Mat Syabil

1 comment:

afif said...

akhirnya dapat juga lihat kecantikan Fatimah dengan rambutnya tanpa tudungnya.

Man, my girl is beautiful

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