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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Labok 2007 Raya Photo Series Part 1

My grandma old skool kitchen

Izat Zefri waiting for his noodles from his mom

Relatives at Labok


"Jantung Pisang" near my uncle house

Pizza time at Kota Bharu

Let's have it

Pizza time


Adha and Syafiq

Let's have it

Adha and Syafiq

Salad time

Relatives on second day of Raya

Me and Faiz at my village

Izzat, me and Farhan

Me and Nisrin

Me and Nisrin

Izzat and Shahid

From right Pak Long and friends

Second night of Raya

My grandpa is not feeling well these days

From left Mom, Mok, Ayoh, Che' me and relatives

Let's talk until the morning end

Selamat hari raya Che

Me and Abe Iji


Women side of the functions

Let's eat after the prayers

Eating time after the prayers

Kampung folks and close relatives

After the prayers

Relatives from next village

From left Doc Hadi and Mr. Zahri (uncle)

Eating time

View of my grandma kitchen

Abe Iji (Teacher somewhere in Ampang)

Eating time

My grandpa is not feeling well

From left Adha, me, Faiz, Pak Cik Mat and Village folks

Pak Long after the prayers

Kampung Dewan Kechil folks during the prayers

Me and them during the prayers

The most left in Choc shirt is Pak Jusoh, my personal confidant

Me reading the "Perajurit" magazine
From left, Syafiq, Farhan, Faris, Me, Fawaz, Mother and Faiz

Large family

That's my grandpa, he's not feeling well these days

Let's talk until the morning end - second raya night


miss said...

apsal nampak semakin kurus...penat study ke penat keja nih :-)

Tun Teddy said...

dua-dua... tough sket ramadhan nie... insyaAllah lepas raya saya ke gym semula...

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy