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Monday, 10 December 2007

A very good lesson to learn this semester

10 December 2007 - I learned a very good lesson today from my lecturer at University Malaya today. It appears that I failed the subject (the gred is C-) that I've worked the most hardest which is Internal Security of Dato' Mokhtar Selat. I went to see him this afternoon at 1.00pm, and we've discussed about my paper. I accept the mistakes that I've made on the paper and I think this is one of the most important lesson which I learned from Dato' Mokhtar on paper writing. I'll be back for the same subject next semester and I hope it'll get better. Cheerio!~


afif said...

I faced the same dilemma not unlike your's this first semester. The mathematical analysis subject I worked hard the most didn't get me an A. Thankfully I pass it.

I may want to assume that you probably "digress"ed in your Internal Security subject. I mean, that kind of mistake commonly occurred in such abstract or subjective subject. History subject is one the trap that seduce students to digress on their answer. Been made that mistake several times before in my history and economic theories

Anyway, good luck in your study

Tun Teddy said...

i believed i took it (the subject so seriously) and i neglect the formalities of paper writings such as foot notes and such.. that's the reason why Dato Mokhtar slashed my marks in half..

it was my mistakes!

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