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I'm very much inspired by the words of Thomas L. Friedman in his book "The World Is Flat" which renders about the influence of bloggers in this new age. I want to keep the highest integrity and honesty in posting my words to the world. This blog act as a testimony to my alacrity of sharing information with the borderless world. Hope we can share a high regards of veracity and chivalry with this blog because that's why it is here. So help me God!

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Friday, 29 February 2008

Election 2008 - Part 1

Updated: 1st March 2008 - Yess Indeed, the damage had been done by SIL towards National Front. The 2008 election is an anti-climax already for everyone. People just waiting to cast the vote on 8th March 2008 as a protest. National Front is doing everything on a damage control mode due to SIL effects. Lets see who will win (although the result in Kelantan are already clear) either the people or his SIL.

29th February 2008:-

I've been all around the intellectual sphere and I have to put it on writings the dislike feeling towards the SIL is too much to bear. And let me put it this way, this ill feeling towards SIL will cost National Front so dearly this year. Siapa SIL nie? [here]

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Introducing Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada

Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada

Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada

Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada

Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada

27th February 2008 - Ladies and gentlement, introducing Dhiayaa Syarifa Alwa bt. Shuhada (my niece). Cheerio!~

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Snapshot in UM

26th February 2008 - I took some snapshot from our class today just a point of sharing. We had a lecture on Japan - U.S. Relations by Dato' Mohd Abu Bakar (Dean).
From left Christian, Me and Zulkifli

From left Zulherry, Me and Amirshoh

Friday, 22 February 2008

Mee Tulang in Johore Bharu

The restaurant which we went to

Nice sorrounding

The Mee Tulang

The entrance

Us going in

22nd February 2008 - I've to attend an urgent call to Johore Bharu on the 21st February 2008. It was a hectic and hot day for me. But I managed it nicely. En. Fahmi (former colleague of my late father) kindly took me to have a nice meal somewhere in Johore Bharu. I think it was near to the royal mouseleum. It was a delicious meal indeed. They call it Mee tulang, and I almost had a headache due to it. But it really was a great meal.

Threat to national security

22nd February 2008 - Usually I don't like to talk about politics especially on my blog. But I can't deny the facts that I very worried with this news and this man, and I reckon that he will instigate national umbalanceness in the people unity and jeopardize our hope for a bright future for our children. Ladies and gentlement, the choice is yours to make and I know Allah and His wonderous way. But i need to put this in writings that I consider this man a reality threat to our future. Read [here]

Friday, 15 February 2008

Breakway at Ulu Sepri - Negeri Sembilan

Update: 19th February 2008
Mr. Buhairi just sent me the photo I've talked about during my stay at Ulu Sepri. Notice the sparkling water behind and all around me. I've got to tell you all that that water was icy cold. I really had a good time there. Thank You God!

15th February 2008 - I just came back from Ulu Sepri, Negeri Sembilan for my promotion course. It was a great weekend for me meeting back all of old friends from DPA 1/ 2005. I love them so much and we really had a wonderful week. I believe everyone shared the same views as mine. However unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to share the photos with you all, but my friend Buhairi (MoH) took a photo of me in the stream and really hope that I can share that photo of mine with you all. It was a breakway for me that I always love Ulu Sepri and everthing in it. God and his wonderous way. Cheerio!~

Monday, 4 February 2008

Finally I was in Kedah (Alor Setar)

4th Febuary 2008 - Alhamdulilah, finally I can feel the soil of Kedah under my feet. So much of this states played and important role in my life, but I haven't had the luxury of visiting Kedah. But I manage to get to know Kedah (the inner part) during my work tour at all the Fisherman jetty in Kedah. And my tour strecht out till the Perlis's border at Sanglang. The people of Kedah was very nice to me and I appreciate the love I felt. I wish to be here again. God's willing.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy