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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Letters of concern

24th March 2008 - I'm writing a letters of concern to all UMNO leaders (MT's) today to express my concern of the political situations and Malay Muslims future in the post-election period. Last night I went to see my old grandpa in Gua Musang, and that man is really concern about the Malays future and UMNO survivability if Khairy still stays in UMNO. That man (Khairy) had to go or else UMNO will lost his supreme power as the government of the day next year!


Afif said...

I thought that youa are modern non racial Malaysian. Surprising to know that you are concern about the Malay Muslim supremacy.

Last time you ym'ed me the address for wiki site that citing the racial equality idea. All Men Are Created Equal by God, remember? Irregardless of our ethnicity

Now all you care is survivality of Malay racism?

Let me tell you what I believe will be our future. We're going to have non Malay PM one day, and I love to see that happen. The American have the Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Barrack Obama. Who knows one day that we Malaysian will have Dr Jeyakumar Parti Sosialis Malaysia, or Lim Guan Eng DAP as our Vice PM, or even become the our PM?

Not to forget that your idol, JFK is the first non-Prostestant to become US President. Do you think JFK got any chance to become a President if the WASP refuse to accept other faith at their top political chair? Thanks to JFK, even Barrack Obama today got the chance to be the first non-White Mr.P

You got any problem to have an Hindu Indian Malaysian to become our PM?

afif said...

Try to explain this essay to your ethno-nationalistic Grandpa, you sure going to shake the very foundation of his Malay Supremacy belief.

Trust me, this essay is mind blowing. You'll get the same shock that you got from Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code

Give it a read


zbzack said...

Paklah lupa bahawa empayar Rom yang dikatakan teragung hancur musnah kerana para pahlawan hanya berjuang mahu mempertahankan pemimpinnya.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy