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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Aah! Letter from Sir Tim Hatton

Sir Tim's letter to me
Updated: 27th April 2008

Sir Tim Hatton was no doubt is one of the best British Officer that Her Majesty Government had offered us especially during our hard time prior and after our nation Independence. He had treated our peoples as his own and had given everything to see Malaysia get back on its track after the war. He had served in all over part of Malaysia and had seen a lot of political changes in Malaysia and the world.

Sir Tim had served with the best (He was the officer in charge of the Gurkha’s Rifles in India during the partition and was in charge to protect the Muslim and Hindu caravan) and He was the person in charge in the inceptions of VAT 69 (Malaysian similar to British SAS), and the renowned Malaysian Special Branch. The Communist terrorist even though hate the European so much but still respect him and one of the proof was that when he was consulted by two renegade CT’s to surrender Ah Kuk (one of the prominent CT’s leader in Communist Central Committee in Malaya) personally.

A lot of his close friends had died during the emergency and he knew Sir Gerald Templer personally. In his letter to me which I quote:-

"Sometimes, [when] I think of the battles [that] we fought there (Malaya) during the Emergency, I always see the faces of those who were killed, or wounded, and their families"

Not many knew that Sir Tim also was the officer in charge to open up a back channel for the Indonesian government to negotiate with Tun Dr. Ismail (Malaysia Internal Affairs Minister) in ending up the Indonesian Confrontation.

We indeed owed so much for what these peoples which had given their life to us (Sir Tim and friends alike), and I admit that if its not because of these guys, we wouldn't be in peace and stable as we are today. He loved every part of Malaya that he was been assigned too (Kulim, Sg. Petani, Bukit Mertajam, Jeli, Seremban, Kuala Lumpur and many parts of the old Malaya). And I felt a little bit nostalgic when I delve into his personal account of his experiences especially in the northern part of Malaya. I love this guy!

I quote his letter:-

"But I'm sure today, they (friends and families who died during the Emergency), are all very proud of the way your generations has consolidated the way of the nations and the lives expectations of the Bumiputeras [that] have significantly improved".


Sir Tim Hatton, KBE, OBE - 19th April 2008

This man is a living legend in Malaysia history. It is an honour to get acquainted with him and I’m sure we’ll meet again somewhere Sir Tim. God bless you Sir Tim Hatton.

Old posting:-

26th April 2008 - I received a letter from Sir Tim Hatton today. Sir Tim currently resides in Salisbury, England and was the former director of the Malaysian Special Branch during the emergency and post-emergency period and he had given his everything including his life during that hard time. I promise to share the letter with you all and it is an honour to have his handwriting letter in my possession. I salute you Sir Tim Hatton!

By the way, Dato' Mukhriz dined at my grandpa's today and it was a misfortune for me that I couldn't join him in Machang. But however, something’s very interesting is coming and let's pray to God that it will be good.

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