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Monday, 21 April 2008

Dr. M on BBC Hardtalk

Updated: 24th April 2008

Dr. Mahathir quote from BBC Hardtalk Interview:-

On the Anglo-Saxon race:
"The European use to call us lazy Malays, incompetent Malays, untrustworthy Malays, we couldn’t say a thing about you [the Anglo-Saxon race]. So when I was in the position to say what we think about you, and say it then and then you don’t like it. When you say it to us [what you think], you expect us to like it? We didn’t like it, but we didn’t have a way to make our voices heard."

On democracy:

"If you look at the history of the West, they come up with all kinds of ideologies and they use it for sometimes and they found it defective and then they dropped it and start on another. One day they will forget about democracy, because in some countries democracies actually end up in anarchy and they were practically no government. It’s not the system that can feed everybody. You must have a certain understanding of the limitation of democracy in order to make it work."

"The great civilization of the past did not have democracy and yet they became great. It’s not necessary the system that will work for everybody. If we had a bad leader even in the democratic system would fail. You must remember that it is a democratic country which dropped the atomic bomb and killing two hundreds thousand peoples."
Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad - 17th April 2008, BBC Hardtalk, London

Original posting:-

It's been a long time I heard something intellectual coming out from a Malay, a Muslim and a Malaysian, but tonight I held my heads high and feel proud for 30 minutes. Thank Allah we still have one soul who dare to speak against the foreign accusation of everything bad about Islam. It’s the Doctor. Dr. Who?? Dr. Mahathir. [here] He did it once again! Syabas!


afif said...

a Malay, a Muslim and a Malaysian?
I prefer this kind of order:
a Malaysian, a Muslim and a Malay

Malaysian first!!

Anyway, what Tun Dr did is nothing extraordinary, he's not the only one who defending the honor of Islam. There's one video made by American Muslim Association in Youtube. There are also some related nice videos too

Here's the link:

This 2 minutes video I think is helluva lot more effective than 30 minutes in BBC Hardtalk

afif said...

The first sentences that you red bold' sounds racial. That's not surprising due to your previous posts.

But what is shocking that you red bold or red highlight the 2nd and the 3rd sentences. How anti-democratic is that. You see, we modern civilization chose democracy not because it is a perfect system, but because it capable of self correcting. You got bad leaders upstairs, sooner or later the people will vote them out of office. If you got bad leader in a undemocratic world, how you going to correct things? Foreign Intervention? We people can't correct things if there's no democracy. Beside - this is very basic - its the system which everyone can participate, giving opportunities to those who are honest and wise to challenge bunch of idiots with status quo.

Okay, the democratic world dropped the atomic bomb and killed 200,00 unlucky Japs. Tun Dr hits the democratic world good this time.

Here's a cheap counter shot brought by a 21 years old libertarian democrat(I idolize Milton Friedman):

Stalin massacred tens of million of lives - and those are its own people.. Take that!! want some more? I got extra bullets that got name Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao Zedong...

One thing I agree with Tun Dr though is that democracy has its limitation. I won't tolerate same sex marriage for Malaysia, hope they don't pass the bill in our quite democratic Parliament

Nice blog bro, keep the good job

hassan amir said...

hmmm..hitler was democratically elected...

democracy...according to the Father of Modern Politics; Aristotles...is a distorted form of governance.

political correction even in despotic regimes comes from the people...the masses and due to the pressure...how do you think Idi Amin was toppled? democracy often offers the semblance of normalcy while hiding many abnormalities within its folds. US is the champioon of democracy, and yet they have counltess numbers of nameless and faceless 'terrorists' languishing in Guantanamo.

India is the 'biggest democracy' and yet they still burn wives for not paying the dowry and still have reservations for scheduled castes and tribes.
democracy means having no bounds....and for most, having no moral compass...and rightfully so. democracy is always in a constant state of revolution, as old ideas are challenged and new ones reborn.

the beauty of democracy which you so vainly glorify is that is rules by majority...and as we all know..majority might not always be right...so there still might be same sex marriage in Malaysia...no matter how much you rant and rave.

Tun Teddy said...

I've read this one good point raised by Peter drucker on authoritative rule and democracy..

for dictatorial regime, decision is fast and easy to be made while democracy are prone to filibuster in the so called peoples hall.. on some matters... dictatorial regime provides more fast decision and can be used in determining major events while democracy is still a petri dish management especially in terms of crisis management.

hassan amir said...

dictatorial regimes, the best examples of which can be the Castro Regime in Cuba, the regime in DPRK, the regime of Musharraf, and also from Pakistan, the military regimes of Gen Ayub Khan and Gen Yahya Khan...they are all susceptible to the evils of mass psychosis, group think, brinkmanship, not to mention that the whole idea of regime is based on a single person, or a very elite and very small core of persons. decisions would be fast, they can be very predictabl (which is a good thing for an adversary), but there would also be the greater risk of escalation because decision making is very insulated and cloistered.
crises are times when even the most democratic regimes take on the semblance of an authoritarian regime in their decision making structure. the structure is highly streamlined and compact.

perhaps the biggest difference is that authoritarian regimes are always prepared for crises, judging by the structure in DPRK and such places, and their staying in power, and resisting the internal and external pressures constantly ensures that they always have such a crisis management mechanism in place.

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