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Monday, 5 May 2008

One night experience on Express Wau

At Gua Musang Train Station
5th May 2008 – I had a great time in Labok, Machang during my holiday last week. All of a sudden I felt the absence of “the back breaking burden” on my shoulders upon my arrival to the Tanah Merah train station. The journey back from Kajang to Tanah Merah by the train was a pain in the back, but it gives me ample time to finish up reading the book by Mark Bowden on the Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 entitle “Guest of Ayatollah”. It was a very good book and gives you details insights of American first encounter with Islamic extremist in the Middle East.

I love travelling by train, even though I do realize that it was not a practical method of travelling (due much to its inaccurate punctuality). I felt nostalgic about travelling by train. So much so it wasn’t a practical way of travelling, I’ve been accompanied by the students of Malaysian Science Islamic University (new university located near Bangi) who boarded the train with me at Kajang train station. Most of them were freshies in their first year.

I still remember the good old days travelling by train. You could see the coach jammed up with people who boarded the train especially at last minute and prefer to buy their ticket on their boarding day on the moving coach. Nowadays you cannot do that anymore. The journey during the good old days by train seems infinite and forever. Images of the wood seats which you sit on and people that do bring their own “buai” for their younglings still play up in my mind whenever I board a train. I still remember when the train arrived at Gemas, we had to change our coaches or else we might end up being in Singapore and funny my grandpa (on his way back to Gua Musang from Kuala Lumpur) was once overslept and found he was somewhere in Johore Bharu and need to get on another inverse journey to get back on his right track.

I remember in those days when we arrived at Kuala Lipis, people would come to the coaches windows to sell cakes and varieties of kuih muih on their heads. It was like boarding an old British Railways in India or Pakistan. You can’t saw that same milieu nowadays, things surely had change for good.

We arrived at the Gua Musang stations at about 7.30 in the morning, but Gua Musang wasn’t my destination this time around. In Gua Musang one old man known as Pak Da (pseudonym usually used by old Kelantanese) boarded the train. He began talking with others passengers and he surely is a very talkative and easy going person. I enjoyed listening to his stories about the old life in Kelantan especially about paddy farmers and his job as taxi drivers. That old man is a very nice old man. He stopped by at Kuala Krai stations at about 9.30 am leaving me frustrated to know more about him from his story. God surely will bless that nice old man.

I then arrived at the Tanah Merah train station at about 10.30 am even though the arrival time at my ticket show that I supposed to arrive at 9.30 am. Just like the British railway, “though it’s late, but don't worry it will surely arrive there”.

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