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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

100 days of foul administration under Prime Minister Abdullah

25th June 2008 - I need to blog on this so that everyone will know what happened in the year 2008. 100 days have passed after National Alliance won the recent election, but the yardstick of unsuccessful administration are everywhere to be seen:-

1. The payment of ex-gratia to Judges who had been removed by legal Tribunal set up in 1988 (not to consider the issues of Judicial is none to do with the major loss of National Alliances in recent election);

2. Khairy Jamaluddin is still standing strong and still considers himself as the Malay champion despite the clear cut loathsome feeling among Malaysian towards him (not only the Malays but all major races in Malaysia);

3. The no confidence motion by one of the National Alliances coalition parties (first time in the history of Malaysian democracy);

4. The failure of economic management by the Malaysian government (shocking oil price hike, neglecting of the sub-prime crisis in U.S. and the transferring of the burden which should be shouldered by the government were put on the shoulders of the citizens); and

5. The unclear decisions and planned projects by the government which haven't yet prove to be felt on the ground (since 2004). Ask everyone about this!

My frank assessment is that this administration will end up in the freaking toilet sooner than 2013. Period!

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