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Thursday, 12 June 2008

No more

13th June 2008 – I’ve cancelled Berita Harian daily deliveries and change it to Utusan Malaysia instead. My mother thought to just cancel off the daily deliveries of any papers but I differs and adamant of giving Utusan Malaysia a chance to prove one’s worth for a month. Berita Harian was totally “dry” and seems to report incorrect news everyday not to mention deviation of Malaysian real problems and turn it to some figures personal newsletter. The clear intention of provocateur and disparage news on Tun Dr. Mahathir really knocks my nerve off.

By the way, tomorrow we [all the family members] will be going to Istana Budaya for P. Ramlee the Musical. Can’t wait for it and the show time is schedule at 8.30 pm. See you there and cheerio!~


nadzri said...

I'm not prejudice towards evolution theory. You are totally wrong to say that this theory will make us closer to God while in the first place evolutionst themselves don't believe in God. Do a thorough study on the theory and if you still believe the theory will give benefits to Muslim, you may come back to me. I open for discussion.

kbguy said...

demo oge gua musang ke ?

afif said...

I've spent my whole childhood life reading Utusan Malaysia, because my parents choose it as our family newspaper. Then I switch to The Star to expand my readings and improve my English.

This Utusan in my personal view, is good if you want to raise a nationalist in you. But of course being a typical government linked media, much of the stories I've read are twisted and some of them are plain lies as I found out when I growing up and have internet access. I used to agree with Utusan's view when I was a child, but slowly I'm switching side as I become more older, mature, wise, and knowledgeable. I want to be good world citizen, give respect to other races as I want the same respect to my race. Malay nationalism has no place in my heart. And Utusan is waaay too ethnic nationalistic ethnocentrism for me. God made all men across races as equals, and that's a self evident.

There was actually an issue that took place not many years ago that made me to completely abandon Utusan as my daily news source. It shatters my trust towards the newspaper.

One morning, I grab the paper, and I read the frontpage title read something like this: DAP berniat jahat. I read the whole article, finding out that the a Democratic Action Party member - Ronnie Liu if I'm not mistaken - made a statement that communist guerrillas struggles for independence before 1957 should be accepted and appreciated. This is because the commies did contribute although through violent mean to the effort urging the British Empire to let the Malaya free and to be self administered.

I was actually agree with the idea of communist deeds in the achieving independence of our country, but still I oppose with what they did after 1957. I mean, they are the only political force that willing to shed bloods to for gaining freedom from western imperialism. UMNO one thing for sure, never dare to sacrifice their own lives to fight the British. But the communist did proved that they willing to die for our motherland, and they did are. That's why the commies have my respect for what they did in pre-independence. The atrocities they did during post-independence is of course I oppose completely. I'm not supporting this extreme wing of socialism surely, but hey, you need to accept that sometimes your enemy did the right things that you agree with.

So the comment by Ronnie Liu had attract barrages of condemnation by UMNO politicians. Khairy said in the newspaper that he will never stop calling DAP as traitor if they refuse to pull the statement back. After that I searched the Internet, and found the statement. I read it thoroughly, and found out that the main content of the statement has been twisted by Utusan in favor of UMNO politicians. I felt so angry on how the newspaper that I've been growing up with twisted the actual truth and spreading wrong perceptions instead. Maybe that what the slogan Penyebar Fikiran Rakyat is all about.

After that day, I lost trust in Utusan. I found The Star, the newspaper although still pro-gov, still the content make much more sense than Utusan.

Nowadays, I have begin to abandon most newspapers. I prefer the internet news rather. My favorite news site currently is malaysianinsider.com.

Tun Teddy said...


kawe meme oghe guo muse.. duk kaje lonih..

i shall try the malaysianinsider. hope it's not a cheap political newsletter of anwar ibrahim.. nuthing against that guy but...
i'm not so anwar..

afif said...

malaysianinsider.com I can assure you is not another Anwarist news site. I've been visiting it for several months and I say its not biased in their reports. Never too pro or anti government. If I'm not mistaken the site is being run by Brendan Pereira, you know the NST fella.

I'm an anti-establishment most of the time, but neutral news reports is vital for me to get the correct facts, not false or manipulated one's. I'm satisfied with the website and enjoy reading it

Tun Teddy said...

brendan perreira is not a malaysian.. but a singaporean... he was once with kalimullah investigated by Malaysian Special Branch for potential spy for Sing. gov. but no clear evidence against him..

and in 2005 he plagiat some article by american journo in washington which lead to his resignation from NST..

no way for me to trust that guy!

afif said...

I was also skeptical when found out that the site is being run by Brendan Pereira. I do know about the plagiarism case involving him. But I read the news site anyway. Not because that I'm ignorant, but I like their reports. They never been to pro government, at the same time they make good critics of the anti establishments. They're quite neutral in reporting

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