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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Anwar Ibrahim

Let me give my fair take on Mr. Anwar Ibrahim. I’m sure a lot of friends and outsiders would love to hear my views on the particular prodigal man including my Australian friends who might be reading this blog. Mr. Anwar Ibrahim is a VERY special man, no doubt about that. He surely can talk and have GREAT oratorical skills. Plus he is a very smart man and very close to his long friends, he still is and never forgets about them. He is a very helpful person when it comes to friends disregards of his position even when he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Honestly speaking, he might be the right person that was needed by Malaysian during turbulence time such as now. But Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has a weakness which bulldozes every right potential that lies in him. This weakness might be the right noose/ ammo that can be use and I believe were used frequently by the Americans when he was the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister. I don't blame the Americans for capitalizing on him, we are the USA's third largest trading partner. It was not that Mr. Anwar Ibrahim adopted the IMF prescription which ousted him from power, but because he was morally unfit for the position.

Had Tun Dr. Mahathir appointed him as his successor, Malaysia would surely fall preys to the White House neo-conservatives. It happened before during the Indonesian purge in 1965 with the downfall of Soekarno (please refer to the declassified documents by the CIA), and it would surely to happen in 1998 in Malaysia. After he was fired from office, things started to look personal for Mr. Anwar Ibrahim. Mr. Anwar Ibrahim never a changed man. His ambitions for Prime Minister post was strong than ever. He was the same man who propagated Baling demonstrations early 80s and he is still the crowds’ puller of today. I pity Mr. Anwar Ibrahim for his weakness. Had him not the craving sexual perverts, he would be one of the best Malaysian Prime Minister. But habits are very hard to get rid of and he had to pay for it. And he is willing to go down in ashes for it, thus he got no place else to go back.

If he admits that he is a sexual perverts, the whole nation will go on him for believing in him since 1998. But Mr. Anwar Ibrahim is Anwar Ibrahim. But I can tell you that he still is a good friend among friends who knew him.

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