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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back from Gua Musang

29th August 2008 - I just came back from Gua Musang. Everything looks cruising well for the peoples of Gua Musang. The Gua Musang market economy is going very well and I hope it will bring some wealth and opportunity for the betterment of the peoples of Gua Musang. After this, its all about capitalism, freedom and upgraded living standard for the people of Gua Musang.

By the way, I must tell you all that I feel devastated seeing Anwar Ibrahim sworn in as MP's for Permatang Pauh in the Parliament today. The peoples of Permatang Pauh had made their decision and I respect that. It was Anwar’s promise to decrease petrol price up to 50 cents which got him back the Permatang Pauh MP's chair. Plus I must tell you that Indian voters were up 100% for Anwar Ibrahim [they even wear HINDRAF t-shirts on the polling day proudly]. One need to be fully aware of how much Sammy Vellu had let the Indian community down and one also need to be very careful to digest of what Anwar Ibrahim had promised to HINDRAF.

One thing that I observed personally during the previous by election saga, there were less of Abdullah Badawi posters compared to Najib posters. There were also clear evidence of how much the Malays [mostly UMNO members] abhors Abdullah Badawi and his son in law despite it was Abdullah state that the political war was waged [I did warned not to let Khairy Jamaluddin to be in the loop, apparently UMNO not listening and they pay a high price for it].

The Malays were in dilemma in Permatang Pauh. They don't want to support Anwar Ibrahim, but I guess they had no choice. They see Anwar Ibrahim as the ONLY man who can bring out the hardship of life especially on the petrol price issues. This was back up by Anwar personal promises to decrease the petrol price up to 50 cents. Today, upon seeing Anwar Ibrahim sworn in as MP's in our Parliament, I personally feel devastated... much like LBJ crying when he listened to his son calling [his son was an army colonel serving in Vietnam -1968], telling him about the fine young man which he lost under his command fighting the Viet Cong - 1968. Thats how I feel today.

As such, I won't blog for two weeks to mourn that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had opened up a Pandora's Box by being adamantly, stupid enough with his utmost sheer ignorance fools to stay in power - jeopardizing our future inadvertently sending a habitual sodomizer to the Parliament.

1 comment:

afif said...

Pak Lah has the Budget 2009 presented,

And you plan to refuse/resist taking chance commenting on it for two weeks? The issue might be lame already when you had the 'berkabung' over

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