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Saturday, 2 August 2008

It's funny when...

2nd August 2008 - It's funny when some people [not we] invite Mr. Tony Blair to speak about the rule of law when he himself went against the mankind basic moral virtue of sending his countrymen to war in Iraq on the pretext of wrong reason [Weapon of Mass Destruction]. And it's also funny when Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin [BN rep] will speak on the importance of openness in the University with Mr. Tony Pua [PR rep], and they supposed to debate the issues when their close friendship [KJ and Tony Pua] is well known among the scholars and Malaysian public.

It's also seems to be very funny when yesterday evening I saw how TV3 reporter [The Exchange] grilled second Finance Minister, Nor Yaakcop about government flip-flopping in every decision on the issues of trade and inflation. Not to mention when that particular reporter mentioned about the absenteeism of RM 14 billion supposed to be subsidized money turn into public transport [in 2006 government decision to lift up 0.40 cents subsidy on petrol] and Nor Yaackop was caught in oblivious mode.

Today again it is funny when my "most beloved" Prime Minister Abdullah flip-flopping in suggesting a strategic partner for Proton when he himself is the reason of why Volkswagen terminated their supposed to be partnership with Proton. I remember when I was working for Tun Dr. M, Volkswagen representatives came many time to his office to talk about the partnership. It seems that the old man [Tun Dr. M] is the sole reason why Volkswagen is adamant and confident in Proton. I remember one of the car models that were supposed to be turn into a Proton was Volkswagen Paasat. And Proton launched their monthly magazine that month [The Spirits of Achievement]. Everything seems to be on the right track then.

Then in 2004, Khairy Jamaluddin came.


afif said...

There's no contradiction between upholding rule of law and violating mankind morality. Both matters are separate entities. Mr Tony Blair did not violated any British law when he led Britain to join the US in the Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Parliament approved the action after all.

When Bosnian were massacred by Serb in Balkan, he pushed for military intervention to stop the biggest Holocaust in Europe after 1945. He sent a heroic blow to the Serbs and stops the mass killing of our Muslim brothers and sisters. Other Muslim nations did nothing to actually stop the war but cowardly just only able condemning it. Did anyone say thanks to him for stopping the Holocaust of Muslims? No...

Melayu mudah lupa..
Muslim pun mudah lupa...

Tun Teddy said...

Law is created for mankind civilization to triumph and mankind to respect every basic virtue of human conscience. I do not see any righteousness path if you went to war for a reason which is never been justified.

The war in the balkans is stopped when Mr. Clinton ordered the bombing of serbia by NATO. As a chief commanding officer, Mr. Clinton had done his job in stopping the war in Europe even though in the first place he thought that Europe problems should be solved by the Europeans.. and Blair is the European. The war in the Balkans stopped due to Clintion decisiveness and not Blair. You should get your facts right.

Mr. Blair is losing his credentials among the British public and pundits said that his party will lose the upcoming election due to Blair decision in going to war in Iraq on the pretext of Weapons of Mass destruction.

It's morally un-right for you to invite a person such as Blair to give insight about abiding the law when he himself decides to overruled United Nations security council and UN General assembly for not going to war in Iraq.

I do not see any right in cherish the dead of Saddam victims by killing another millions of innocent Iraqis and regarding them as collateral damage.

Where is Mr. Blair when Rwanda massacare took place?

afif said...

NATO did not get backing from UN Security Council in the campaign of humanitarian war on Serbs because China and Russia (which both has ties with Serbs, especially Russia). Russia threatened to use their veto power to stop the NATO. Technically, NATO stops the atrocity in Balkan by overruled the UNSC. Why make fuss about US and UK overulled UNSC? It was also the same UNSC that delayed and reduced the size of European peace keepers in Rwanda during early days of the massacre (thanks again to our Sukhoi and Mikoyan Guverich supplier veto threat). Thankfully the French volunteered to sent their force there. Virtue can be uphold without being parallel to the uphold of law.

Yeah the foreign force did murdered Iraqi. But why people tend to forget the fact that Iraqi also killing each other. The Shiite and Sunni conflict among Iraqi is the main source of millions of Iraqi death, not the Allied forces.

The Allied came to Iraq, Saddam hanged, and justice for millions of killed Iranian and Shiites has been served. I have my sympathy for the death of Iraqi during the process. But as I said, the Iraqi themselves also are responsible for killing their own countrymen. Why put all the blame to the Allied alone?

I still believe that Mr Blair deserved to deliver his speech here. Of course I'm saying this not because on the false basis that he never broke any law in his political life. But because among all the men in the world political stage, he is one of the least breaking laws. You don't pick a leader who you believe is perfect, but you throw support for him or her because you believe he or she is may be the least worse candidate among all.

Oh one more thing, I'm actually a big fan of Mr Blair.... =P

Tun Teddy said...

Quoting blair:-

Change maybe quicker if it was not the law standing in their way.

Teddy says:

One doesn't need to be Dr. Phil to understand the paradoxes of Blair thinking!

afif said...

When he said that, he means to repel the hurdling law or enact a new one - with parliament's support of course. He was not means to break one lah to change this and that

Tun Teddy said...

then we should invite him and talk about going anarchy! who is he to talk about our judiciary system when he himself will always be remembered as a lying prime minister that drag middle east problem to the english ppl.

I may not be british citizen and i dun want to be one... but i enjoy watching mr blair thinking that Britain still the world superpower and to prove such he went to war in Iraq on the pretext of the wrong reason.

afif said...

Fantastic idea! Why not he come and talk about anarchy in the very same country which gained independence from British Empire also by anarchy. Before we gained our freedom, what did we do? We did street demos, we did riots, and our leftist countrymen went overboard by committing terrorism. Then only after that we the Brits resorted to negotiate. Was not by anarchism we Malayan gained freedom? Were there any independence ever gain not by anarchism? Sorry for digressing bit

Our not so independence judiciary system is based on British adversarial judiciary. That's one point why he deserved to preach to us Malaysian here. I mean, back in the UK, their system is way a lot independence than ours undeniably

Tun Dr did lotsa things to Malaysia when he ruled for 2 decades. But thanks to UMNO controlled Media Prima Sdn Bhd, now we Malaysian rather remember Tun Dr as the ex-PM who screwed our justice institution. So I have equal sympathy to both ex-PMs

I say he deserves to deliver speech(es) here

Tun Teddy said...

then maybe we should invite the Malays and the Indians who dwells in london to talk about their experience in racism and how the british regards asian such as u and me to be inferior. there are malays who were kicked out of their housing estate (some racist english prick left cow dung and put in shambles their mailed), in hoping for these asian to left the area.

afif said...

Yang kau ni Ejaz tetiba masuk bab racism ni kenapa pula

Kau tau tak Ejaz apa perangai buruk kita ni orang Melayu? Kalau menghentam Mat Salleh punyalah rak bagai nak runtuh KLCC. Tapi bila dapat pergi universiti atau hantar anak ke universiti kat negri Mat Salleh, punyalah bangga hidung pun meninggi bagai KLCC

Eh, yang aku ni masuk bab lain kenapa pula... =P

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