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Saturday, 23 August 2008

News from Permatang Pauh

23rd August 2008 - I spend my time at Permatang Pauh last night. I must tell you about the race for the MP seat over there and I must say that it is very close indeed. There is no such thing as surely win for any candidates either for PR or BN or even AKIM. You can go there and see it for yourself. Some people will argue about the corruption practices in SPR, but I'm not buying into that. Having seen the standard operating procedure of the SPR, I have my full faith in SPR integrity. I need to clear my conscience here and what's my views about this by election is only came from me and myself and doesn't represent any organization or bodies. Personally, I cannot imagine what will befall to Permatang Pauh and it's people if they still pick Mr. Anwar Ibrahim for the MP post.

I'm forseen some sorts of a judgment from God, a very very very bad things will fall upon Mr. Anwar Ibrahim sooner or later with or without him holding the MP post. Allah is not inattentive of what you've done. Perhaps you can ask his son more about the father. I am very certain about this feeling and may Allah bless those that are on the right path.


afif said...

Come on, if Anwar wins the elect it will put more pressure on Pak Lah to quit.

Don't tell me that you prefer Najib over Pak Lah.

In your blog you've been consistently criticising Pak Lah and you wish that he resigns soon. Then if Pak Lah has actually resigns, who is your pick of candidate to become new PM?

Najib? Muhyidin? Tengku Razaleigh? Or Anwar?

I pick Tengku, but since technically that's almost imposibble to happen since he does not have enough taxpayers money to bribes enough UMNO divisions like Pak Lah and Najib have, I pick Anwar then

Say your pick, quick!

afif said...

RockyBru got a serious picture here, cool la

afif said...

Nelson Mandela
·In my country we go to prison first and then become President.

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Faces of Tun Teddy