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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Khairy Jamaluddin

17 September 2008 – The son in law of the Prime Minister had gone mad once again by going strong and determined to destroy the PPSMI – Learning Mathematics and Science using English language in primary and secondary schools. This policy of PPSMI was started by Dr. Mahathir in 2003 aiming to close the language and understanding barrier in the subject of Science and Mathematics in schools.

The reason why Dr. Mahathir introduced PPSMI was that science and mathematics terms were known to have been evolved through experiments and numerous discoveries by the developed nations which used English language as a lingua franca. Thus the terms for Science methods and newly discovered patents were termed in English language. To cut short, the methods of scientific breakthrough and Mathematics understanding must not only be learnt by the students but they also need to apply it, thus those subjects must be taught in English.

The reason I believe why Khairy Jamaluddin want to destroy the PPSMI policy is that – current government under the leadership of Abdullah Badawi was very weak and loathed by the majority of Malaysian, and to get popular support especially among the rural Malay peoples, Khairy needs to portray himself as the saviour of the Malay language and he is very determined to destroy the PPSMI policy once and for all on the pretext that after 5 years of implementation, such policy proved to be futile to yield a clear advantage [despite such policy of education need longer time to evolve and establish]. I think as I'm writing this, Khairy Jamaluddin is the most hated man ever lived in Malaysia.

What really amused me that this motion came from a man that never had a formal education in Malaysia before (not even for one day). No doubt, he is the most despicable man I have ever met in my entire life. But that’s not the end of his personal aims; today I heard he will announce his bid for the UMNO Head Youth post. Clearly an effort to bury UMNO in a shallow grave.

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