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Monday, 15 September 2008

Muhyiddin for Prime Minister

Muhyiddin Yassin

16 September 2008 - Amid the Malaysian economic and security uncertainties... amid the decreasing Malaysian well being... amid all the self-centred UMNO leaders to ensure their own self interest for the sake of their own family good living... only one man stood up fighting for what he believes is right and he carries the precepts of UMNO fighter value which I thought were once gone. I'm standing in and out with him and he can count on my all out support. Dear Allah, I pray for the sake of my children’s future, please makes this man the next Malaysia Prime Minister. Amen.

1 comment:

afif said...

Come on, Tengku Razaleigh alot better than Muhyiddin. Tok Det tersayang even supports him now as he's rejoining UMNO. Ku Li has better and longer track record than Muhyiddin

Anyway, beside Ku Li there is other much anticipated candidate for Malaysian PM and you know la who else but the Mr Anwar. I read that he actually wants 20 Sept instead of today 16 Sept. Why so?

20 Sept 1998, Mr Anwar was detained under ISA and we all know the rest...

How epic is that ha? Ten years ago he was detained and exactly after ten years he'll become PM

An ex-Harakah editor also claimed that Ku Li will leads the UMNO party hoppers into Pakatan Rakyat, and Anwar going to make him as Deputy PM, denying Lim Kit Siang the chance to become our first Chinese/Non-Malay/Non-Muslim Deputy PM of Malaysia

There tazkirah after terawih here nearby my house was hijacked by UMNO fellas. And guess what they said? Yang DiPertuan Agong is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., and the police and military will take over this country... What alot of crap is that

Man, I love Malaysian politics!!

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