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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Beautiful encounter

13 November 2008 - We were waiting outside the exam hall for our last paper for this semester. Then I notice a beautiful young lady standing in front of us also waiting for her exam paper at the same hall just staring at us. She has a beautiful perfect body, an apple smooth skin, beautiful fair face and sexy pink lips like all the pretty ladies that dreamt by all man like us.


Nivio took the first move by moving closer to her and he did ask her what’s the time at that moment. All of a sudden I burst into laughter with all our friends nearby also laughing upon seeing Nivio using the ancient method of wooing a young lady which I myself thought that method were already extinct. It was a beautiful encounter and for a second I forgot the entire troubled world that we are facing now. For a second I was a student again. For a second...


phat_lee said...

perghhh...totally ol skool but that skill still effective now days apa...hehehe...

OTAI (Otak Tenang Akal Inovatif) said...




salam dari abe

Teddy said...

i'm waiting nivio to get the gurl phone num perhaps next week during IO if he's lucky.

she's damn pretty. trust me on that.

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Faces of Tun Teddy