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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I - Towering Malay


18 November 2008 - I went to a seminar on Intellectual Property (IP) Monetization today at PWTC, KL. It was a good seminar (and tomorrow will be the last day) on how to commercialize knowledge into a profitable product. I don't want to talk much on the seminar but to digress to one of the speakers. Mr. Zaid Hamzah a former lawyers and Director of Microsoft for Intellectual Property and currently serving in Telekom Malaysia as Chief Regulatory, Legal and Compliance Officer. The 49 year old man is one helluva towering Malay and he catches my attention today. 


My own personal experience of dealing with this guy was when he helped the agency that I served into formulating a very important policy for business sectors and ever since he has been a very good advocator in giving free advices not only to us but also others policymakers. He speaks in a very soft voice but very firm and in-depth of the topics that he is aware of. Not only a very humble person (if we compared to his degree of excellence) but also professional in detailing the issues. He is indeed a towering Malay and we need a lot like him.


II - Auto industry


I spoke with one of my colleague on the problems of the current auto industry in the United States. He did mention that General Motors and Ford Motor Company keep producing bad products/ car/ vehicle for consumer markets and at the rate they are doing, they will certainly going to deplete their funds for an insignificant gains. I do believe that the way for the future of the auto industry is heading for a small engine technology. 


To get one (small engine) a very high investment/ capital is needed. But I think the future small engine will be sold well and marketed not in terms of the accessories that formed the whole engine or the quality of steel that need to produce it, but the price will relies on the knowledge to create one. Such is the capitalistic nature of consumer markets that will drive the innovation for “creative destruction” and it certainly will promise a bright future for mankind itself. Not to mention the green revolution factors that is currently happening in the whole world.


III - Obama


I certainly understand if the African American hasn't stopped celebrating Obama's recent Presidential victory. But the idea of keep on saying that Obama was the first African Americans after 200 years of racial discrimination is certainly not going to help much with the man vision for change. Let's not forget that if it's not because of the white voters that also believed in his change, he wouldn't be the 44th U.S. President come this January.


I think it would be wise for the African Americans to stop celebrating Obama's victory as their victory only. It sickens the whole populations of American peoples including me (Asian) that also believed in his idea of change.

IV - Arts


It is very important for us to treasure arts, for arts is when a man understands about himself, others and his surroundings. Arts come first before action and any ideas of surmounting certain challenges. For a man to keep on working like there are no windows of breaks will certainly bring the demise of him. Not to mention the ideas of works but no play will only wears off the creative thoughts that he possessed and this creativity is needed to help him devise a way to settling up an occurring problems. As we are aware that creativity comes after one man knows his own arts. 


Arts surpassed any barriers of human creation. Arts surmounted the iron curtain that enclosed U.S.S.R. and East European Nations like we saw when Russian loves and do listened to the Beatles even though Communist ideas inculcated that Capitalist music only destroys the good behaviour of mankind. Steve Jobs were hippies before he creates the first computer. Halle Berry was the first African American who won Oscar before Obama won the U.S. Election and Jesse Owens proved that with his arts of sprinting he defied Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party by winning four Gold Medals in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.


What I am saying here, if you understand arts then you will be able to carry your life well in this world. 


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