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Saturday, 1 November 2008

UMNO elite and theirs' (not ours) survival

1 November 2008 - Today, UMNO still is the same party that we all loathe on the 8th March 2008. Not much had changed since the people showed the UMNO elite how much we hate the half past six UMNO elite and Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin. But I guess UMNO being UMNO and Dr. Mahathir had to pay for being a one man army with his one man show during his tenure as Prime Minister.


I want to believe that UMNO/ BN would lose in the next general election which is scheduled in 2013. I'm not saying this out of my dishearten feelings, but this is my honest analysis of UMNO and its survival. UMNO/ BN would lose the next general election whether come change or not because even though change do come, I believe it would be too late and the parasitic influences of the hated son-in-law would remains in UMNO for a long time with or without Abdullah-Khairy in the loop. Such can be seen from the current nominations of half past six individuals to lead Malaysia even though the nominated candidate track records had been tainted with corruptions and integrity problems. Still UMNO members nominated these candidates without ever thinking that these corrupted UMNO elite one day would be the one who will lead this country.


The damage done had been too great to deal with and come the need for Malaysian to oust these UMNO elite which in the previous years had cling to the Malaysian daily life as if they had a divine mandate to determine what is right and wrong for Malaysian. If we still support UMNO, that means the emancipation needed for mature politics will never came and Malaysian life will always be beleaguered by problems arises from these UMNO elite. UMNO members today were intellectually defecting, self-centred and oblivious. Malaysian needs a viable oppositions and they themselves need to create one by believing in it. In doing so, I believe Malaysian will make one in 2013 by turning UMNO into an opposition party.


This is my honest and fair assessment of my country's politics. I love UMNO but I love this country more. 


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phat_lee said...

Say thank you to Mr. Khairy Jamaludin for the comment on IWK. Starts from that comment, he's ruining the company's image. Totally. And now, as one of IWK staff, thank you again Mr. Khairy for destroying the harmony of my company.

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