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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

An open letter to the world...

I believe we are seeing a world where Samuel Huntington saw it through his book "The Clash of Civilizations". Americans need to make the world understand how they intend to shape the world under its hegemony. I never see American as an enemy of Islam, moreover a threat to the world. Americans had managed to exports its values (good and bad) to the outside world since it took over Britain position as a sole power. During the balance of power period, the world that postured towards America end up economically better. But I regret to see that American government also blindly supports authoritarian ruler which also includes Saddam Hussein just to check Soviet Union. Until Americans make the world understand its translation of democracy, Islamic world would only managed to see America as a friend of the evil Jews and need to be crushed. Despite the fact that the world we are living in nowadays were full of Americans values i.e. way of life (consumerism, banking, democracy, healthcare, market economies, just to mentions a few of the millions of Americans good values which the world had adopted)


I myself very disappointed to see Muslim all over the world failed to understand the true notion of Islam, and I am indeed dishearten seeing America failed in exporting its good values which stopped long ago under Kennedy.


-Tun Teddy-



meanlin said...

Hear Hear. Malaysia is lucky to have you...

hassan amir said...

your comments about the clash of civilizations and the american world view is a bit hypocritical....considering the discrimination being faced by ethnic races in malaysia....i think US is the perfect melting pot, and discrimination is a lot less there and less stark...atleast along ethnic lines. islam, moslems and the moslem hijab and the long beard has less to do with ethnicity and more to do with the negative image of 9/11...and the quest for national security. the long beard and the crazed cleric is a symbol for islamic radicalism, as is bob marley and the afro for reggae music.

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