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Monday, 2 March 2009

It's depression, stupid! Not recession

2 March 2009 - Optimism definitely not the word for this month or perhaps for many months to come. I don't care what your fundamental says but 7,000 points for Dow Jones today shows something crystal clear on the future prospect of global trade and consumer confidence. Karl Marx would be laughing from his grave. The madness of Tulip mania lingers on for three century since the day of Armsterdam to the wild bull of Wall Street market. The last time I recalls when the depression hit us, Adolf Hitler came into being. I wonder who will claim the vacant post left by Hitler for 64 years. Who will we blame this time around... let me guess... hmmm... tough one... the Jews?


meanlin said...

Come on Shah, blaming the Jews? Aren't we more sophisticated than that?
The problem with Muslims blaming the Jews all the time is that you guys give the Jews too much credit.

If that tiny segment of the world population is so smart and powerful that they can cause the rise and fall of the world economy by themselves and get rich in the process without anyone else realizing it then perhaps we should join them.

I'm sorry, I don't buy it. Pick up a copy of the Far Eastern Economic Review and read what it says about the causes of this crisis. You will find there is plenty of blame to go around among Jews, Muslims, Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Christians, you name it.

Besides, I have yet to meet a Malaysian who has ever met a Jew let alone know something about their character traits...

Teddy said...

that's exactly my point man. i'm not anti-semitism... but then just to share my concern on how mankind willing to divert their attention.. especially in blaming someone else for their miserable life.

if i can recall... currently in japan there is a growing awareness especially by the books that were selling like hot cakes about jews conspiracy in the current financial debacle..

meanlin said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not a Jew right now.

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