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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Dr. Ng pointing us a crystal formation at the pre-jurassic stone in Biodiversity Garden (private ownership) at Langkawi

17 June 2009 - For two days I had a chance to follow a delegates to watch and examine what went wrong in Langkawi, especially in their 16% decrease of tourist. We had a chance to visits Kilim Geopark, Galeria Perdana and others appealing places. The attractions is still there, but the efforts to attract tourist had long gone.

It comes to my mind, what had happened to Kampung Tok Senik, Makam Mahsuri and others? People had forgot so much about Langkawi. I spoke to one of the MCA representatives on the boat while we were touring Kilim Geopark to watch the Eagles, and to my amazements, that Chinese guys knew so much about Langkawi, it's legends and history and he loved Langkawi so much. But then, his thoughts in packaging Langkawi were thrown out by the responsible authorities. We need more thinking mind like him and we need a fast follow suit action.

So much need to be done to revamp Langkawi...

to be continue

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