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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Optimism is what we lack of... plus capital flow..

14 Jun 2009 – The world market is still at stagnant mode and nothing much had change since the fall of the Lehman Brothers. But the good news is that the ripple effects of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy did not drag the whole financial bodies down with it. The last time I check we are trading well even though not the amount of the pre-2008 crash. Nonetheless we are seeing the aftershock of the Capitalism market that are moving towards an equilibrium (George Soros would disagree with me), when the inefficient market players such as General Motors are going down under.

Perhaps we should let GM fall, then we would have crumbling pieces of GM tech know-how to be distributed among the new players that are willing to take risk and innovate according to the consumer demands. GM indeed had been too big to handle and it tend to be too fragile for American entrepreneurship to delve with. GM is being selfish and too communist to stay alive. Let it fall.

I’m not worrying about General Motors so much because it only will drag the inefficient American market players down. What do I’m worried much is that since the fall of the Lehman Brothers and the fall of the crude oil price, nothing had change in the pattern of how worldwide consumers spends especially in energy consumptions. We still relied heavily on the crude oil for our daily chores and plus the amount of our dependency is increasing.

Are we really bother much about the root causes of the world terrorism? I bet we don’t, because we still let the Saudis Petrodictators dictate our consumerism and inadvertently we ourselves are funding the bigotry schism in the middle east and Afghanistan (plus some areas where we considered Saudis way of life is absolute – in Malaysia). Change must happen and it must happen now.

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