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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Missed opportunities

Robert McNamara and President Johnson

Missed opportunities

By: Ahmad Syah Ejaz Hj. Ismail

In dealing with policy matters, we cannot neglect the importance of having the right information before making a decision. We must also need to differentiate between just information and the right information as this article alone will only focus in understanding what the meaning of we called as “missed opportunities”. Most of the flawed policy decision in the past were made mostly either it was decided harshly, or without adequate guiding facts that can lead to a proper understanding of the issues/ situations or merely due to the wrong facts supplied by the surroundings or even the inner circles of policy makers.

As the policy makers, the guiding principles were meant for them to make the right decision based on the right facts. Policies were first made as a law/ guidelines to inculcate norms within the society which intended for the good/ betterment/ as a moral virtue of the community as a whole. Before deciding on such policy, information is needed either to guide the decision makers or to make them understand a certain issues that need to settle upon.

The most important factor in making the right decision is to get the right information beforehand any irretrievable decision were made as such big issues need an iron stamping decision. To get such guiding facts, policy makers/ leaders/ managers can retrieve it through various ways such as:-

(i) Conference;

(ii) Fact finding mission;

(iii) Research (must be valid);

(iv) Interviews;

(v) Negotiations;

(vi) Dialogue; and

(vii) Intelligence work.

This is important as a decision made before putting down any policy usually will effects a lot of peoples and sometimes would even endanger a life and the decision itself is incontrovertible. Most of the failed past policies were made due to the incompetent management on the part of getting the right information before any hard decision were made. These were known as “missed opportunities”. And most of us usually would discover the missed opportunities through a post-mortem/the effect of a debacle happened due to the decision made in the past.

A good leader would discover the so called “missed opportunities” before any decision are made.


An Argument Without End by Robert S. McNamara. Public Affairs New York, 1999.


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