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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Professional Business Malay Managers


Professional Business Malay Managers

By: Ahmad Syah Ejaz Hj. Ismail

The Malay race is a race of very good administrators. This statement had been proved through the testament of numerous achievements in the period of 52 years of national independence. Through this period of nation buildings, the Malay race had dominated the civil service of Malaysia. As such you can say that the Malays had been managing the country very well disregard of differences arises such as other minority race that dwelled in Malaysia. The achievement mentioned can be seen through the introduction of various well worth economic policy intended to rectify the problems left by the British through their hundred years of divide and rule policy.

Even though the Malays were left quite far behind by other minority race such as the Indians and the Chinese at the early period of nation independence, the essence quality of the Malays to determine what is right or wrong cannot be debated. This can be proved through the confusing and turbulence years of Communist challenge where the Malays were adamant not to be swallowed by the ideas of egalitarian and equality offered by the Communist beliefs despite the fact that they were at the lowest rung of the economic achievement in Malaysia. The Malay police and Armed Forces proved to be the most professional in honouring the responsibilities given to them even by the British Military Command. These were also seen through the public service whereas no one had taken a selfish step to enrich their family and friends despite the fact that the rules and regulations on corruption were dismal during the early period of nation building.

The road to nationhood in the period of the Cold War had proved to be vital for the Malay race. In the early 1970s with the introduction of the New Economic Policy, the Malay race was given a broad opportunity to climb up the ladder of the economic cake through market distortion by the government interference. Although not many Malays had taken an active participation in the policy, the 20 year period of NEP had manage to bring a more stable and an acceptable position for the Malays compared at the period of the early independence.

This crash course of the market system and Capitalism at large managed to bring an active participation for the Malays in the domestic market later on. As such, the Malaysian government had devised a plan which called Malaysia Incorporated in aiming at more participation for the business Malay professionals taken from the government sector to manage and steer the economy through government companies (also known as GLCs). The effort to bring and encourage more business professionals from the government sector mostly Malay administrator had once again proved effective in halving the government expenditure of services and reaping profits for profitable industry such as energy and government resources. This once again had proved that the Malay professional is a good administrator.

Although the record of success are not 100% perfect, but the Malay race can be proud of the track record and they can rubbish any claim or statement done by others saying that the Malays are a lousy business minded. I believe, if the government of the day can devise a more innovative scheme to encourage the best mind of Malay the business professional that can be tap and considered “understudy” in the government sector, Malaysia might achieve the target to be a developed nation by the year 2020. There must be more opportunity offered to the Malay business professional in the government to proved ones worth through GLCs. This success assessment can be done through monthly or yearly report of key performance indexes and should a candidate cannot achieve the target aimed, then he can be remove and replace by other business professional tap from the pool of government servants. Malaysia has many of the so called business Malay professional that can manage a profit oriented companies thus bringing more wealth for Malaysia.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Quedah Malays


17 November 2009 - It's been almost a year I've been at the Tourism department. So much had been left and I do not deny the fact that I've been missing the critical part in me especially enduring my own self inquiry mostly on economic matters. It's not that I've lost touch on the current economic situation but then I believe Malaysia is on the right track under the right leadership of Najib Tun Razak that I believe can steer this great nations to much success in the future.

Life in the Tourism department had been fun, but most of all and what's important to me is that I got an opportunity to travel and see from close range the progress of the Malays race. I love this people (The Malays). The ethnography of this unique race plus its culture and warmness touch the soul in me. Most of the places that I went, this race differs from one and another. I couldn't kept to myself then wonder that even though the Malays shared the same religion and almost their traditional understanding of life is much the same, but there still some part of them still segregate their style and the way they saw ones life.

I couldn't hide, even how much differs or you can say similar they are, I always find Kedahans the most unique of them all. Maybe my views on them were influenced by series of close experienced contacts through wondrous fate, but I love them the most. The easy life of their agrarian culture and much of the very distinct dialects puts me in a positions of more inquiry on this particular Malays. The history and traditional aspects really touch me inside even people would argue that the South Malays were more cultured and some would make an arguments that I'm forgetting my east ancestry. I love my life and where I came from and above all I love this feeling of larger life where God bequeath me with in depth understanding of richness. The de fact of life wouldn't matters to me because we couldn't choose to came from instead we are given a choice to cherish life.

I would talk more on this feeling as I've understood the meaning that "the grass is greener on the west coast compared to east coast paddy field."

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Mahathir and Langkawi


Langkawi will always be special to two Malaysia's statesman. This island truly had a magical power and do make a difference to particular individuals who prefer to understand oneself especially one true soul. Tunku Abdul Rahman once was an assistant district officer in Langkawi during the 1920s. During his short stint at this island, Tunku learned to study and understand the beautiful culture of the rural Malays. Tunku realized Kedahans (people of Kedah) are very different from other Malays. Their culture, history and soul touches the essence of human true behavior. The legendary story of Mahsuri innocence were popularized first by Tunku.

By learning and understanding the story of Mahsuri then Tunku realized the importance of believing his instinct especially when his heart was very strong with human emotions. During his time as a government servant in Langkawi, Tunku showed his love to the island by bringing development to the town of Kuah and cared for the people using his own money.

Tun Mahathir once had an experience as a practitioner in Langkawi. During his short stint as a medical officer in Alor Setar, he also travels to Langkawi to give medical services to the local community there. He understood the people and the island and also his true self. There were practically no road to connect the rural areas in Langkawi. One could imagine the hard effort he took to go to one places and another in giving medical services around Langkawi. During this period he realized what he should and could do to mend up and upgrade the quality of life of Langkawi Malays. And during this period too I believe he started to realized that he can make a difference.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy