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Monday, 16 November 2009

Quedah Malays


17 November 2009 - It's been almost a year I've been at the Tourism department. So much had been left and I do not deny the fact that I've been missing the critical part in me especially enduring my own self inquiry mostly on economic matters. It's not that I've lost touch on the current economic situation but then I believe Malaysia is on the right track under the right leadership of Najib Tun Razak that I believe can steer this great nations to much success in the future.

Life in the Tourism department had been fun, but most of all and what's important to me is that I got an opportunity to travel and see from close range the progress of the Malays race. I love this people (The Malays). The ethnography of this unique race plus its culture and warmness touch the soul in me. Most of the places that I went, this race differs from one and another. I couldn't kept to myself then wonder that even though the Malays shared the same religion and almost their traditional understanding of life is much the same, but there still some part of them still segregate their style and the way they saw ones life.

I couldn't hide, even how much differs or you can say similar they are, I always find Kedahans the most unique of them all. Maybe my views on them were influenced by series of close experienced contacts through wondrous fate, but I love them the most. The easy life of their agrarian culture and much of the very distinct dialects puts me in a positions of more inquiry on this particular Malays. The history and traditional aspects really touch me inside even people would argue that the South Malays were more cultured and some would make an arguments that I'm forgetting my east ancestry. I love my life and where I came from and above all I love this feeling of larger life where God bequeath me with in depth understanding of richness. The de fact of life wouldn't matters to me because we couldn't choose to came from instead we are given a choice to cherish life.

I would talk more on this feeling as I've understood the meaning that "the grass is greener on the west coast compared to east coast paddy field."

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