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Sunday, 29 August 2010

It's a long and winding road to nationhood

It's a long and winding road to nationhood for a young teenage country such as Malaysia. It will be quite a while for us to achieve a true mental freedom before we can admit it proudly that all Malaysian had experienced true independence. As a free citizens of a great country such as ours here are some of my personal thought on barriers that we need to surmount in becoming a great country by 2020.

1. Freer economic policy - it is understandable that the previous economic policy moulded by our forefathers especially Tun Abdul Razak after the 13th May 1969 incident emphasized more in helping the Malay race. The policy proved vital and worked well in balancing the economic cake between the main races as such discrepencies proved lethal for multiracial nation. However, some criterias need to be review and revoke as some of the formulae proved to be self-defeating that encourages feudalism especially among the Malay community themselves. Looking back from my past experience whenever I went into rural areas meeting and have a conversation with the rural Malays, it seems that these peoples tended to cling on certain UMNO elites individuals for survivability and this encourages corrupt practices and vis-a-vis parasitic traits between the two host.

2. Religion bigotory - Previous personal accounts by our ancestors did mentioned how the old folks seems to be more open in regarding the other races as one of theirs. They seems to have no problems in getting together and eat at the same stalls even when the eateries is operated by the other races. It was a great and wonderful moment for multiracial nation such as Malaysia. However, after the religion chauvinism took place starting in 1980s, it seems that everybody will try to make a stamp on themselves that they are more Islam than the others. This traits is getting more serious as Malays easily can fall into religion bigotory by labelling others as apostasy (a serious allegation upon other Malays). I do not deny the facts that some necessary steps and action needed to be taken in ensuring the Muslims to obey the God's commandments, however, we have taken religion too far especially in labelling others as un-Islamic unless strict measured is taken. The issuance of halal certificate for an example had become too sensitive for certain muslim and this can be a potent threat to multiracial nations that previously had a mutual respect of each other. Local eateries proved to be an efficient platform in encouraging unity and we had take it out from the national agenda. Muslims in Malaysia tends to be more Arabs than the Arabs themselves and this will be major impedements to progress.

3. UMNO elites - I couldn't help but notice that UMNO elites had becoming more powerful in determining the way forward for Malaysia. Basicly UMNO is a political party and not the right government of Malaysia. But the inculcation done within the years of holding powers had created a situation among the Malays that UMNO is the government and the government is UMNO. Malaysian are very lucky before since good leaders are produced by UMNO and the policy moulded by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Dr. Mahathir was the right policy at the right time. However, if Malaysia do not have a viable opposition party that can check UMNO in the upcoming years, the elites will continue ruling this country from behind the curtain. Not to mention the right historical facts of nation building contributed by more than UMNO members that had been obscured from public since 1957. It seems that this elites are more concerned on their own survivability rather than the progress of this nation. As such for you to contribute to nation development, you have to be connected to UMNO rather than carrying your own dynamic ideas as can be seen in other fledgling democratic countries. Until Malaysian had viable options to vote for, then we are moving at a slower pace than we should for future betterment.

4. Appreciating history - We never appreciate true historical facts, but merely accepting so called facts given by others. We need to be shrewd in understanding facts and determining between the right history and manipulated facts. As such, many Malays in this country had been well manipulated by interested individuals that had been using facts for their self fulfilling objectives. It is a sorry state to observe when people used religion to stay in power in Malaysia and certain individuals created threats perceptions to continue sucking wealth from their positions whereas the followers lived in a dilapidated state thinking that they will be rewarded in the afterlife. It is really depressing for me thinking that many slogans were created just to cheat these commoners and the people did believe in it.

Now the Malays community in Malaysia seems to regard that this country only belongs to one race only despite the fact that the British government agreed for full independence after we agreed to tolerate each other and admit the differences held as a way of life. Malays need to realize the way forward is by accepting differences. Malaysia cannot stand alone by being governed and dominated in all areas by just one race. We are to complex nation be be a facist state. The differences is our advantage for progress. We need to change now, or else forever we will be colonized by a few interested individuals from our own people which are more than depressing for me. We need to re-learn to tolerate each other. May God bless this great country and may the change come for the betterment.


beatles said...

long and winding road merupakan lagu The Beatles yang diterbitkan pada tahun 1970....

Hassan Amir said...

the ubiquitous problem of post colonial rule; granting statehood before the creation of a nation. Malaysia can never become a nation, because the three races within are essentially nations unto themselves. it would take the kind of secular thinking like in US/India to really gel the people together; but I don't see the political elite relaxing their hold on the Islam-State nexus.
The political monopoly of the Malays must be knocked off, as should the economic monopoly of the other races. when the dust settles; the creation of a common national identity can start; not now; not when the state is so fractioned.

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