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Friday, 27 August 2010

Malaysian Think Tank and Academic Write Up

To be honest I am very disappointed with the status of Malaysian current think tank organisation such as ISIS, ASLI, MIER and local universities. The main objective of forming such organisation and academic institution is to produce thinking individuals, ideas or academic write up to be analyze, referred to and to instigate new thinking spectrum among Malaysian to move forward. And the set up and operational cost of such organisation is funded from the national treasury, and I can vouch that the allowances and emolument cost given to the respective individuals who run these institutions is through the roof.

However I can say that all the think tank that was formed so far did not yield a minimum required results to be appreciated either through academic seminars, academic writing or even ideas. These vacuum of intelligent output had left the local scholars and new generation of Malaysian citizens to seek reference from abroad. Such were the dire situation of the local academics thinking merit of Malaysian think tank.

What makes me more sad is that many of the local issues were taken up by a foreign think tank organisation and most of it by the dynamic and academic oriented think tank - ISEAS and National University of Singapore (NUS). I regret to admit that most of the important and critical issues faced by the Malaysian government is solved by referring to the academic write up published by these foreign think tank. As such, this think tank have a slight opportunity to influence Malaysian domestic and foreign policy. We let ISEAS to write on Malaysian politician persona such as Tun Dr. Ismail or Tun Dr. Mahathir, and most of the security and political issues that were close to our border were left out to be hijacked by these think tank such as the issues of Southern Thailand insurgency, the straits of Malacca piracy problems and the issues of ASEAN security in the new age or even Malaysian effort in fighting terrorism through the emergency period.

The reason being is very simple, Malaysian policy makers love to hear what they wanted to hear instead of what they need to hear. As such, our local think tank had followed a deadly traits of complacency attitude and tidak apa attitude of the UMNO elite that governed this country.

It is a shameful reality nonetheless.

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