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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Life has many turns

Teddy in reserve army gear

27th March 2011 - It has been quite a long time since I served with the public service. Which to my likings tend to be quite a mix feeling but satisfaction is very rare. I have nothing but full respect to those that join the service with the intention of contributing to the nations building and much of the spirit that were a model for us were sought especially from the old Malayan Civil Service (most of it from the British officer's that served before 1950s).

I would say that nowadays there is no class exists in the public service. People would just content with having a good job with a handsome grade of paycheck comes the months end. But for me, I can't find any satisfaction if the feeling doesn't exceed my own level of standard. I always thought that I might contribute much of my intelligence and revolutionary idea towards the nations building by joining the public service, but I guess the five years experience have taught me better.

Nowadays public service doesn't really embrace the momentum of the "white's man burden" if I may used that phrase. Insulting it sounds maybe but that is the hurting truth for me. You wouldn't find any government officers who willingly accepting a post in the Malaysian hinterland for all type of service. The situation is not like the Eton's cadets those days that were happy to be send to the tropics and did make the fateful change as we saw happening 50 years ago.

And those that were holding a higher post are satisfied enough to agree with all the things that were thrown at them without making an effort to understand better or make a voice of their smart views heard. So we end up having the type of a policy implementors instead of policy makers among those that were supposed to instigate ideas. I'm not interested in staying long in this predicament type of works because I begin to understand that seeing the current situations exist I better served my people from outside the government mechanism. The only thing that were halting me is that I don't have much choice but to join the service due to my poor family background.

But I know better that with the intelligence that I have and the sheer hard working traits that I have shown, I can be a successful stories among the business community for the future. Through that I believed I can help those poor people of my own breed by creating more wealth and more opportunities to be shared with. Borrowing what Dr. Mahathir once said, "There is enough wealth for everyone in this world". I believe I began to see my fair of share and would make that big step God's willing.


Anonymous said...

Nice posting. Terima kasih

the legend said...

Hahaha, berkhidmat untuk negara bro.

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Faces of Tun Teddy